Pork Chop Dinner
Saturday, May 4, 2019
Dassel Rod and Gun
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Pot Luck
Saturday, August 3, 2019
Dassel Rod and Gun
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Pork Chop Dinner is May 4th, 2019


Steve Grotbo, President

With ice out being in May and it feeling like the ice is going to be forming any day now, summer was just too short. Weather wise it definitely had its ups and downs with almost being too hot at times followed by too cold. The association did keep busy with a lot of activity. Following are some of the notable items.

  - Annual spring meeting which included free pork chop dinner. Many comments on this being the best one in years. Thanks again to B&B Sports for providing the chops.
  - New lake directory (https://www.lakewashingtonassn.com/pdfs/Directory2018.pdf). This provides a full color book on your coffee table with lots of information including history of the lake.
  - New lake mapping (https://www.lakewashingtonassn.com/maps.php). Getting down to the one-foot contours certainly provides some greater detail compared to the abstract one from 1970.
  - Water quality testing done by volunteers with water samples sent to RMB (http://rmbel.info/).
  - Vegetation survey done by volunteers.
  - Automated I-LIDS (camera / voice) at Ellsworth landing is installed / monitored / removed / stored by volunteers.
  - Zebra mussel monitoring and reporting to U of M is done by volunteers.
  - Volunteers worked with DNR for next actions on cormorants and pelicans.
  - Watershed volunteers cleaned up Ellsworth landing, worked with Meeker Soil and Water (MSWC) for runoff concerns, and helped property owners to work with MSWC.
  - Active participation with MCAL (Meeker County Association of Lakes) from volunteers.
  - Treasurer provided transparent use of funds along with keeping association a 501c3 charity.
  - Very active in applying for and receiving grant money for projects from board member.
  - Maintain website and Facebook page.
  - Three newsletters each season.
  - Monthly minutes of all activities and concerns.
  - Membership volunteers are keeping addresses and contact information up to date.
  - Shoreline Captains had direct contact with all residents which resulted in two thirds being members. Well above the average.
  - U of M funding was provided for Zebra Mussel research. Seeing some promising results (https://www.maisrc.umn.edu/news/bacteria-mussels).
  - Old dam concerns were addressed.
  - Provided easy supporting of Dassel fire department.
  - Annual fall potluck. I think everyone who attended got a door prize, so many thanks to the businesses that supported that.
  - Limnopro Aquatic Science was engaged to provide in depth study on aquatic invasive species.
  - Starry Trek research was attended by board member.
  - Lost and Found broadcast service (lostfound@lakewashingtonassn.com)

Many thanks to those who have helped and who are continuing to help with this volunteer organization.

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Click here for the presentation that Dr. Michael McCartney gave during our annual meeting in May 2017 covering zaebra mussels

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