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Ron Bubany, Editor

For fifteen years or so I have regaled the grand kids with tales of the Lake Washington Monster. For the first few years they actually believed me. Later, they played along and we had many great times arguing about the monsterís existence. I even went so far as to resort to poetry.

As you probably noticed, I have published the poem in the newsletter. Perhaps your kids or grand kids will enjoy the tradition as mine have!

By the way, Zimmermun is not a real German name, but Zimmerman wonít rhyme with Washington!

Just about anyone you meet around our lake will opine that the cormorants and pelicans are a problem. The opinions are subjective to be sure, but we have all seen the birds come and go. And, we arenít having the fishing successes we used to enjoy. It always amazes me how so many direct observations can disagree so dramatically from the statistical analyses performed by the DNR.

Our own Rick Fernstrom and his cormorant team have met once again with the DNR in an attempt to sort out the facts and review the latest survey information. In this issue you can read Rickís summary of the discussions and also his own analysis as to what the numbers really mean. Look up the word "reactive" in the dictionary to be sure you can understand what Rick has to say.

Never mind. Iíve looked up the Webster definition for you:

   "Reactive" - Ďdone in response to a problem or situation : reacting to problems when they occur instead of doing something to prevent themí

Also in this issue, Skip Sustacek of the Watershed Committee reports on the status of our new holding pond. The pond was completed last summer and has already been challenged this spring with the heavy rainfalls we have experienced. Nice going Skip and your gang!

Steve Ullom has submitted the final report on the membership survey. In his article Steve summarizes the activities your Lake Association undertakes in response to the survey issues. He then goes on to summarize all of the benefits you are realizing as members (and non-members) of the Lake Washington Improvement Association.

If you are not a member, you need to be!

Ken Klehr, in addition to his existing responsibilities, has taken on the important task of monitoring the quality status of our lake water. In this issue you can read his update on the initial results the Water Quality team has obtained so far this summer.

And thereís more! I am taking the liberty of organizing the first (and possibly last) Lake Washington summer fishing contest. Read about it later on in the newsletter.

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