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Ron Bubany, Editor

"A lesson in history takes us back to the late 1970's and early 1980's to a beautiful lake in central New Hampshire called Lake Winnisquam. Known to the locals as "Little Winni" due to its smaller size and proximity to the grand and majestic Lake Winnipesaukee, Winnisquam suffered an algae bloom that killed off not just the fish, but all forms of recreation for more than three years. Property values plummeted, real estate sales virtually dried up, tourism almost completely vanished and local businesses suffered huge economic losses."

"...this study uses a hedonic property-value method to estimate the effect of Eurasian water milfoil on lakefront property values at selected Vermont lakes. Results indicate that as the primary component of total aquatic macrophyte growth in a lake, Eurasian water milfoil significantly and substantially affects lakefront property values. As Eurasian water milfoil infests a lake... property values can diminish by 1% to 16% for incremental increases in the infestation level. Hence, policies that successfully prevent infestations have significant economic benefits to owners of lakefront properties and local communities.

We all agree that invasive species such as Eurasian Water Milfoil raise havoc with our enjoyment of being on Lake Washington. You canít swim or boat in the stuff. Fishing is impacted. Itís not very pretty.

More importantly, as the above quotes reveal, our property values can plummet. To combat this threat, your LWIA Board has several committees dedicated to maintaining our lake quality. The Invasive Species Committee, the Watercraft Inspection Committee, the Watershed Committee and the Cormorant/Pelican committee all work together to keep our waters clean and beautiful. So we all need to support the Lake Washington Improvement Association by becoming members each year. Even if you do not use the lake, if you own property you have "skin" in the game. Please, join up by sending in the enclosed membership application card.

Moving on...

The winter ice has been especially effective in damaging our lakeshore this year. Our own board member, Steve Grotbo, sums up his experiences for us in this issue. As he related to me, reading about his tragedy will perhaps make us feel better about our own situations.

Also in this issue you can bring yourself up to date on the status of our various projects. For example, we have decided to change our water quality testing process in order to save money and only collect information that we truly need.

Lest we forget, summer is swimmerís itch season. We have an article summarizing this malady with some suggestions for what you can do.

Happy reading!

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