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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting September 19, 2019
Board Members Present:
Mike Wosmek
Sandy Wosmek
Lyle Walker
Pat Hanson
Ron Bubany
Skip Sustacek
Steve Grotbo
Brett Rasmussen
Steve Ullom
David Rathe
Laurie Johnson

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report: Invasive Species Fund $61,651.85 General Fund $132,166.34

Paid Memberships: 242

1) Call Meeting to Order 7 PM by President Steve Grotbo

2) Secretary's August Board Meeting Report - approved for publication on the website

3) Treasurer's August 2019 Financial Report by Lyle Walker:Income: $200 4 new memberships, $50.58 Interest, and $136.06 Pot-Luck raffle/auction Expenses: $76.06 Pot Luck, $38.69 half cost up microphone upgrade Rod n Gun Club, and $78 RMB water testing.
   $2120.00 have been donated by 79 people for the Dassel Fire Dept. and Lyle will be getting this money to them in October. Board approved joining MN Lakes and River Advocates that will cost us $200.00 based on membership numbers.

4) Welcome new board member Brett Rasmussen - He will be filling out Cathy Klehr's term until May of 2021.

5) Welcome Round Lake people from Litchfield - This is lake south of Litchfield off Hwy 22. They are working on forming a Lake Association. This group of 10 came to observe and ask questions about forming their Association.

6) Results from 2019 AIS Research and Management Showcase - Pat Hanson attended, reporting there were many breakout sessions that talked about zebra mussels primarily looking at limited control study, monitoring numbers, and other survey methods. There were some presentations about genetic testing of insects, fish, and plants. These were at very early stages. Steve Ullom reported there is an online portal where Lake Associations can sign up for/request a speaker for our Membership meeting. In some cases there is a per diem cost.

7) Walleye Population Estimate and Angler Study email from DNR - Scott Mackenthun (DNR Fisheries - Hutchinson) emailed a summary of the study as of August 2019. He noted 79 tagged walleyes had been reported and that it looks like their numbers are way down. Ron B. will publish Scott's information in the Oct Newsletter.

8) Sweatshirt Sales - Renae is reporting many inquires and requests for sweatshirts. She is looking at youth sizes also. The Board will wait to hear from her on the status.

9) Committee Reports:

Aquatic Invasive Species:
   A. Water Quality Testing - Dave R. reported the September sample has been sent to RMB for testing and seechi disk readings were in the 3.5-4 foot range.
   B. Vegetation Survey - Are done for the year. Will check with Mark J about the status of having Limnopro do a more extensive vegetation analysis and AIS survey next year.
   C. I-LIDS/Watercraft Inspection - Dave R. reported it is still running, with the camera working quite well. It will be taken out the end of September. Dave also reported the garbage can (LWIA is paying for on a trial basis this year) is being used, keeping some trash from being left at the landing. This service will be stopped at the end of September.
   D. Cormorants & Pelicans - We have no new information, other than Scott M, DNR, did share his thoughts on their numbers in the walleye update he shared with us.
   E. Zebra Mussels - Mike W and Dave R. pulled the plates Labor Day weekend and took pictures of all the hotels. They noted there were many, mostly small mussels on the plates. Also, noted people have been seeing adults on stems of milfoil that is washing up on beaches.
   F. Watershed - Dave R and Skip S. have identified all 20 inlets around the lake with corresponding addresses. They have also numbered each site to make data collection and identification easier as we move forward doing water quality testing and estimating flow rates from these sites.

Membership / Shoreline Captains - We have 242 memberships, which may be an all-time high number. Congratulations to the Shoreline Captains for their fine work. The Board did think having maps to pass out encouraged people to join the Lake Association.

Education & Public Relations:
   A. Fall Newsletter - Ron B wants all submitted to him by September 30.
   B. Website is getting 2 1/2 hits per day, down from 3 per day at last meeting, Facebook we have 336 likes, and Email Activity - none at this time. Steve G. noted that 46% of the people viewing our site are doing it on their phones. Steve G, Ron B, Laurie J volunteered to look at a design to our website that could be more mobile friendly.

Social Committee - Sandy W the dates for the Annual (Pork Chop Dinner) Membership meeting will be May 2, 2020 with the Pot-Luck being August 1, 2020. Lyle will be sure these are on the Rod 'n Gun Club Calendar.

Financial / Grants - Sharon D reported there has been a change in the timing of grant applications to MCAL. She is requesting all volunteer hours, receipts for gas or other lake related things be submitted to her by Oct. 3. She needs to submit grant applications by Oct. 5 and they will be announced at Oct 17 MCAL meeting in Litchfield.
   She asked the Board to identify lake issues that LWIA wants to submit to MCAL for Grant money in 2020:

   The Board came up with the following list: 2020 MCAL Grants for Lake Washington
   1. Water Quality Testing: We test one sample (in the middle of the lake) every month from May through September. Also do seechi disk readings every 2 weeks at different sites from May through September.
      We have 20 inlets to Lake Washington and are beginning the process of testing the water quality and flow of all the inlets around the lake after a 1-2 inch rainfall. Testing for phosphorus and suspended solids at these sites and estimating the flow during these occurrences. With the idea that this information will provide us with baseline information, that we can use look at runoff into the lake. This will help us determine what steps we will need to take in the future to reduce or better control the water coming into the lake.
      Cost: 50 hours per year to collect and mail samples.
      $1800.00 to have the samples analyzed by RMB Labs.

   2. ILIDS - this provides an audio message to all people using the boat landing, telling them to clean off their boats and trailers. Also provides a video (that we can watch) of every boat going in and out of the lake at the Ellsworth Landing from May through September. We set up, take down, and store the unit every year in addition to doing biweekly monitoring of the device.
      25 hours per year.
      Cost: Annual fee is $2500.00

   3. AIS Monitoring and Search:
      We would like to hire Limnopro to do a search for Starry Stonewart - using divers, in an area around the Ellsworth Landing; monitor the zebra mussel population and give us an idea of how great the infestation is; complete a lake survey for Eurasian Water Milfoil beyond the deeper parts of the lake at 100-200 waypoints. Provide vegetation mapping for Lake Washington.
      Cost: $5000 (100 waypoints)-$10,000 (200 waypoints.)

   4. Education/Newsletters: We publish 3 educational newsletters per year (April, July, October) that provides information about what is happening on our lake, up to date information on AIS, safe boating practices, shoreline protections, controlling runoff, fish surveys, links to local and State organizations. We publish 400 copies of this newsletter and mail it out to all property owners, local and state government officials, local and state DNR personnel. We also have an electronic copy on our website and average 4 hits per day to this site.
      Cost: 90-120 in-kind hours by the Lake Association Board
      Print and mailout 3 copies per year $2500

MCAL- Representatives/meeting dates - next meeting is Oct. 17 at the second floor of Bernie Aaker Auditorium in Litchfield.

10) Open Discussion - Mike W. updated the Board on the landing at the end of 233rd St. that the board had considered upgrading with gravel but chose not to because we were under the impression it was private property. Mike W. shared with the Board documentation that this landing has been owned by the county since 1961 when it was given to them.

Next Board Meeting Scheduled for Feb 4, 2020 at Steve Grotbo's house at this time. This is subject to change based on needs the Board may have i.e. weather, and lake issues.


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