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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting July 5, 2005

Board Members Present:
Don Hoverston
Cammy Moses
Jenna O'Brien
Steve Ullom
James Wendling
Gary Christianson
Earl Fitzloff
John Fink
Dennis Westendorp

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Minutes for June 7th  meeting approved.

Treasurer Report:
Milfoil Fund $31,959.11
Siren Fund $8,578.50
Checkbook $17,893.53


Directory Content Committee reports they are waiting for some parts of the  directory before it is ready for the printer. Looking more at  about time of Steak Fry for printing to be done.  Dennis W. will  get lake map from county that we can use for including in the directory.

Milfoil Committee Update: Gary and Bob have been doing vegetation checks around the Lake and finding very little milfoil.  Bob reports some areas about four feet from the surface at this time, using a camera. Looks like we will be waiting to see if there are any problem areas.  Some board members have found floating pieces around their docks on the south side.  If we find some significant areas in the next few weeks, will look at treating them this year.


Newsletters and second mailings for memberships is ready to go out soon.  Jenna will be getting mailing labels and get these out. 

The officers met at 6:00 pm on July 5th to look at writing job descriptions for officers, formation of committees, and distribution of different duties/jobs board routinely performs.  The suggestions generated by this group were for four Standing committees:                       

  1. Milfoil
  3. Finance
  5. Membership
  7. Public Relations/Information (Newsletters)

The Officers will again meet at 6:00 on August 2, before the next meeting to define roles and responsibilities of each Officer and Committee.  The idea is for all board members to be on one committee.  A different officer will be on a committee.  The discussion was to limit the number of committees at this time.  Other committees could be formed on an as needed basis.  Steak Fry August 6, 2005.  John Fink will place order at Gary’s Foods in Dassel.  They have a standing grocery list.  Jim Wendling will arrange for cooks to help with the steak frying. Steve passed around a list of door prize donors from last year.  Board members signed up for places they are willing to visit.  The list will be sent out to all board members shortly.  Board members can collect prizes from other individuals or businesses not on the list.  The idea is for only one person going to a business.  Be sure to get a business card or make note of who is making the donation. 

Next Board Meeting:
August 2, 2005 at Dassel Rod ‘n Gun Club.


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