Board Meeting Minutes Archived Minutes
Lake Washington Association Board Meeting September 13, 2005

Board Members Present:
Don Hoverston
Cammy Moses
Jenna O'Brien
Kim Winter
Steve Ullom
James Wendling
John VonEschien
Rick Fernstrom
Earl Fitzloff
John Fink
Dennis Westendorp

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report:
Milfoil Fund $32,549.11
Siren Fund $9,693.50
Checkbook $16,190.53

Cammy presented a complete accounting of the steak fry, flyer, and directory (2718.46) costs.


Directories appear to have been delivered to most people. Prompted discussion about how personal contact seems to increase memberships and donations. Something we need to work with the Shoreline Captains on doing more communicating and better contact with lake residents.  

            Cammy found we can put milfoil and siren money in a money market account at Center National Bank in Litchfield at 3.24% rate. We need to keep $25,000 for this rate but this gives us more flexibility.  Board approved. 

Discussion about whether to continue Steak Fry meeting.  Decided to continue with Spring Annual Meeting and Steak Fry/ Barbeque.  Will look at considering a different meat choice for the steak fry.  
Board approved joining Stella and Manuella for a Spring Fling meeting.  This involves a speaker for joint lake issues.  In the past they have held it at the Farmers Daughter in March.  Kim W and Rick F. will represent Lake Washington in the planning process. 

Kim W. will reserve 1st Saturday in May and August at the Rod ‘n Gun Club. 
Will send out newsletter in February announcing the 3 meeting dates and begin announcing membership dues payments.

Discussion about publishing names of people who have paid Assoc. dues and/or streamlining membership notices. Clarify dues are for January to January.  Tabled this for the next meeting.

The board  Association Officers will meet at 6 pm before October meeting to define roles and responsibilities of each Officer and Committee.  The idea is for all board members to be on one committee.  A different officer will be on a committee.  The discussion was to limit the number of committees at this time.  Other committees could be formed on an as needed basis.  Committees suggested are 1. Milfoil, 2. Finance,  3. Membership, 4. Public Relations/Information (Newsletters). 

Suggest ordering additional chemical from Coop with $2500 left from county board money sent to us for milfoil treatment for this year.

Coop sold some of the chemicals they are storing for us ($320).  Board approved leaving the credit with them because they are storing chemicals at no charge and we want to continue working with them.

Cammy and Jenna are going ahead with putting together a cookbook. 

Next Board Meeting:
October 4, 2005 at Dassel Rod ‘n Gun Club.

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