Board Meeting Minutes Archived Minutes
Lake Washington Association Board Meeting March 7, 2006
Board Members Present:
Cammy Moses
Earl Fitzloff
Kim Winter
John Fink
Gary Christianson
Jenna O’Brien
Dennis Westendorp
Steve Ullom  
Jean Ward
James Wendling
Rick Fernstrom
John VonEscien

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.
Minutes for the August, 2006 meeting were approved for publication.

Treasurer Report:
Milfoil Fund $32,974.11
Siren Fund $10,018.50
Checkbook $1,495.00


Cammy & Carl are going to donate a filing cabinet to Lake Washington Association to keep at the Rod ‘n Gun Club for Association information that several people are now keeping and that should be kept in a more central place.

Board approved $200 donation to Rod ‘n Gun Club to help pay for the rebuilding / repair of the grill we use for the pork chops and steaks.

Post cards were sent out with the Spring Fling information.  This is a joint venture with Stella and Manuella on March 19th.  John F. will get information for “Spring Fling”.  Asking a board member attending to take about 10 minutes to talk about what Lake Washington Association is doing regarding milfoil, shoreline treatments, siren, etc.

Board Approved having the Outdoor Corp continue again this year doing the lake monitoring. Discussion about this 2005 report followed: we want to know what the report means, how we can use the information for planning and educating members.  Kim W & Rick F will meet with Lee Sundmark and review what the report means to us.  Also Kim will contact them and ask for an action plan similar to previous years. 

    Storm Siren ordered in January for installation this spring.  Board approved hiring the siren company to complete installation at a cost of about $1000.


Gary Christianson applied for and received a $5000 grant from Meeker Co. Assn. of Lakes - $4000 to be used for milfoil treatment and $1000 for water testing and monitoring.  We submit the bills to them and receive the payments. 

Lee or Gene from Hutchinson DNR office will attend and speak at Spring Meeting.
Spring Membership Meeting is May 6th and Steak Fry Aug. 5th. Dates are on Rod ‘n Gun Club calendar. 

Discussed board members leaving Board ( Donnie H – will stay on milfoil committee, Gary Christianson, John V. stay on Milfoil committee, Earl Fitzloff – moving to Hutchinson).  About five names were mentioned as possibilities to fill open positions.  Board will have further discussion at April and May meetings to solicit volunteers for the board positions.

Board approved having the Membership Committee come up with a plan for publishing names of paid Association members.

Cammy will check with Donnie about purchasing year stickers for membership plaques.

Spring Newsletter
: Committees are to get their information, short paragraph (email it) to Rick or Steve for publication by the week of  March 25th.  Want to get newsletter to Jean Ward by week of April 16th so it can be put together and mailed out.   EXCOTIC SPECIES COMMITTEE:  Earl Fitzloff, Gary Christianson, John VonEschien; MEMBERSHIP – SHORELINE CAPTIANS COMMITTEE: Jenna O’Brien, Jim Wendling; SOCIAL COMMITTEEJohn Fink, Jean Ward; COMMUNICATIONS/PUBLIC RELATIONS Steve Ullom,Rick Fernstrom, Donnie Hoversten; FINANCE / FUND RAISING:  Cammy Moses, Dennis Westendorp.

Membership Postcards: Kim will talk with Jenna about getting these out as soon as possible

Shoreline Captains meeting April 4th @ 6:00 pm, prior to regular Board meeting.
Next Board Meeting: 
April 4, 2006 / 7:00 pm at Dassel Rod ‘n Gun Club. Steve will not be there Rick F. will be taking the minutes to the meeting.

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