Board Meeting Minutes Archived Minutes
Lake Washington Association Board Meeting September 12, 2006
Board Members Present:
Cammy Moses
Bill Craig
Kim Winter
Jenny Kjell
Rick Abeln
Jenna O’Brien
Dennis Westendorp
Steve Ullom  
Jean Ward
James Wendling
Rick Fernstrom
Dick Yock

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.
Minutes for the August, 2006 meeting were approved for publication.

Treasurer Report:
Milfoil Fund $39,659.11
Siren Fund ($2,267.87)
General Fund $19,725.58


Reviewed August Picnic: Reported there were about 90 people present.  Hojie’s provided the pulled pork and buns, with many people commenting on this.  Will check with them regarding how many pounds were donated. Many prizes were donated and met with great enthusiasm by those present. Dean Gainer spoke about volunteer fire departments.

Reviewed website to update information -

Ken Yoch reported on attending the Mn. Lakes meeting in Duluth.  He reported there were many educational conferences held during this conference.  He learned there chemicals to treat curly leaf pond weeds are only good on an annual basis. Other lakes are looking into equipment to harvest these weeds, some are going together with neighboring lakes in the purchase.  Kay went to some membership conferences and will report to us later. 
This prompted a board discussion about harvester: some ideas and thoughts being cost, use, maintenance, storage, disposal sites, hauling, operating, etc.  Some talked about meeting with Stella and Manuella, also talking to the county about their getting involved what with so many lakes in Meeker County.
For next meeting will try to get Exotic Species Rep. from New Ulm to come to our meeting in October.  Using this as a platform for planning for next year. 
Also, decided to invite those running for County Commissioner from our area to join us for a discussion at the next meeting.

Cookbook – they could use more recipes but are getting closer to begin putting together for publication.

Discussion about liability insurance for Lake Washington Board of Directors: nonprofit status and being incorporated provides some protections.  But with some of our activities, sponsoring events at the Rod ‘n Gun, applying chemicals, and the fact we have significant amounts of money in our accounts.  The board  approved purchasing general liability and crime insurance from the Pierce Agency in Litchfield for $1,307.00. This is an annual rate. Kim Winter and Jim Wendling have done all the leg work on this and will contact Pierce about writing this policy.
Discussion about nonprofit status.  Mark Woods has been receiving this notice every year because he did the legal work for incorporation…Need to change this address to our PO Box (Cammie and Kim W will look into this).  Led to discussion about what nonprofit status means to us/ are there things we need to do to maintain this?/ Dennis will check on the 501(C)3 status and Kim will check with Ken Nea an accountant about any annual things we need to be doing.

Fall Newsletter: Rick will send out the template, as in the past,  committees can then write an article.  Looking at mid October to have it sent to the printer.
Next Board Meeting: 
October 10, 2006  Business meeting at 6:45,
7:00  pm meet with DNR area exotic species supervisor; 7:30 meet with those running for county commissioners from our area. Dassel Rod ‘n Gun Club.



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