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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting February 6, 2007
Board Members Present:
Bill Craig
Kim Winter
Jenny Kjell
Rick Abeln
Jenna O’Brien
Dennis Westendorp
Cammy Moses
Jim Fink

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.
Approved October and December meeting minutes with 2 corrections.  The paid memberships for 2006 should state 201 instead of 221.  The next meeting was listed as ’06, instead of ’07.

Financial update:
General fund $17,275.74 minus $936.68 of expense plus $100 (2 ‘07 memberships) plus $31 misc deposits equals $1,6470.07 General fund. 

Siren fund $2217.87 that is yet owed to general fund.   Unanimous decision by board to move $100 donation from Idle Wave to the siren fund.   

Milfoil fund $39,871.11 (includes $50 donation made in ’07).  

We have 2 paid membership for ’07 already.  

We earned $2067.86 in interest on our accounts for 2006. 

We still have a crop production services credit of $302.10

Update on Zeppelin subdivision. The permit was approved.  The ditch was dug out, tile line cut further back and rip rap will be added and area is to be seeded this spring.   This should greatly help with the runoff from the previous culvert's direct runoff to the lake that happened previously.   Also the 214th road will be rebuilt this spring, and they’ll replace the culvert going through property, and this should assist as well.

Discussed professionalism of Lake Management from the December meeting,  desire to have them continue lake monitoring for 2007.   Contracts have not yet been received.  Also discussed (for liability reasons) to have them or another company to do application of chemicals.   Profess. Lake mgt. Will be at our May annual mtg.   Also gave Bill info on another company for commercial application, Lake Restoration from Rogers, MN.  Bill’s group is getting permits ready on areas we want to treat immediately this spring for curly leaf, and other areas we’d like to treat later for milfoil.  We are maintaining close contact with Jacqueline B., the exotics species specialist.  They will give us recommended initial treatment areas and costs at our March meeting.

Lakescaping meetings in St. Cloud and Willmar will be held in March for government personal, and boards.   Info passed around, if anyone wanted to attend.

John presented info on Spring Fling on March 10th.   Mike Herman will be the speaker on boating safety.  John has the wording for the postcard, and Kim will get to Crow River press for printing, along with additional line on the cookbook recipe requests.  Jean will make sure to get labels from Don H. and get put on for mailing.  Dennis and John will both be in attendance, and possibly other board members.

Reminder to start to work on columns for spring newsletter.

Update on cookbook from Cammy and Jenna.   Want to make sure it’s done right with lots of recipes.  Another mailing won’t work, need to make some calls, need at least 100 more recipes before they will send in.  Takes about 3 months to get cookbooks once sent in.   CHALLENGE TO EVERY BOARD MEMBER, CALL 5 PEOPLE AND ASK FOR 2 RECIPES FROM EACH OF THEM.  CALL PEOPLE ACROSS THE ROAD, OR PEOPLE YOU THINK MIGHT NOT YET HAVE DONE RECIPES.  A COPY OF A LEGIBLE RECIPE CARD IS ACCEPTABLE, OR CAN PRINT FORM OFF OF OUR WEBSITE.

Approval of $5000 for water testing $1500, and $3500 for exotics species treatment from Meeker county MCAL FOR 2007.

Dennis recommended that we put together a general plan of action month by month for our 2007 mtgs. at our March mtg.



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