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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting April 3, 2007

Board Members Present:
Cammy Moses
Jenna O'Brien
Kim Winter
Dick Yoch
Rick Abeln
Bill Craig
John Fink
Dennis Westendorp
Jean Ward

Attended by shoreline captains:  Cathy Klehr, Bob Paulson, Gary Daniels, Sharm Daniels, Barb McKimm, Kay Yoch, Mary Jo Lyke, Jim Barnes, and Gene Betker

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend

March meeting minutes, need to put correct year on them.   Then approved as written.

Treasurer Report:
Milfoil Fund $39,921.00
Siren Fund ($2,117.00)
General Fund $16,198.00

3 paid memberships so far in 2007 (from those that paid twice in 2006), earned over $2000 in interest in 2006. 

Bill due for web hosting fee from Vivid Image for May 1, 2007 to April 30, 2008.   Told to wait to pay this, probably switching this.

Social committee.  Things are lined up for 1st Saturday in May.  John will get food ordered and will also check with Mr. Schrader, someone who lives on the lake and has a butcher shop in New Germany for the pork chops.  Will get work committee detail lined up on May 1st meeting. Discussed problems with social event with Manuella and Stella in March.  Still a good idea, just need to get numbers up.  Lake Washington is in charge of next year, maybe try for a Sunday brunch or evening, or Saturday night later in the year such as April.   Maybe look at Farmers Daughter or Peter’s on Lake Ripley.  Need to explain at annual meeting more what this event is all about.


Cookbook.  Final deadline is the date of our annual meeting. 7 people met last month.  Have about 340 recipes so far.  Wilma Ahlgren gave the group some good ideas.  Looking to order about 500-600, sell for $10, and our cost about $3.50-4.00.  Last time, about 300 cookbooks sold in the first few months, and rest took about another year to sell the rest of them (200).  Will have next meeting on Saturday, April 14th at 11 am.   Will assign each person a category to look over, and then later proof read.  Shooting to have cookbooks ready by August Bar-B-Que.


Exotic Species.  Contracted to treat 20 acres for curly leaf pondweed with same company that does our lake water testing. Treatment must be done in early spring to be effective. They will be our speaker at annual meeting.  After discussion, decided to just have them as the speaker, rather than also having the DNR.  Different chemical is used for curly leaf than milfoil.  Last year milfoil stayed under surface and never bloomed, so we did not treat.  Milfoil must be on top for DNR to issue us a permit to treat.  Looks like not as much DNR grants in the past, using a lot of funds on smaller lakes.  DNR may relax restrictions on shoreline treatments.  Permits might not be required to treat ½ of lot or 100 feet of shoreline, whichever is less.  Has not yet been voted on by the Minnesota legislature.  Bill is going to attend a meeting at the DNR this week about the new proposals.

Newsletter/Website.  Mike Engel has volunteered to help with website.  Newsletters should go out in a few weeks.   Newsletter should also go out to key people.   Kim will get Jenna addresses of area lake presidents, Bill will get DNR addresses, and Dennis will get addresses of key government officials.  We need to keep political people involved and we need more political clout.

Terms up this year are Cammy, Jenna, Kim, and Rick F.  Cammy, Jenna, and Kim will rerun.  Rick was not in attendance at this meeting.

Next Board Meeting:
Tuesday, May 1st at 7 pm at the Dassel Rod and Gun Club.

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