Board Meeting Minutes Archived Minutes
Lake Washington Association Board Meeting May 1, 2007
Board Members Present:
Cammy Moses
Dick Yock
Kim Winter
Steve Ullom
Rick Abeln
Bill Craig
Dennis Westendorp
James Wendling
Rick Fernstrom
John Fink

Shoreline Captains: Steve Knapp,Phil Flores, Bill Ooley, Sharon Bateman

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend
Minutes to April 6, 2007 meeting approved for publication.

Treasurer Report:
Exotic Species Fund $39,946.11
Siren Fund ($2092)
General Fund $16,099.98


Delivered pizzas as a thank you to Park Towers for stuffing newsletter envelopes.

Committee Reports:
SOCIAL – there was an article in the Despatch re: Lake Picnic on Saturday.
Food is ordered, reviewed schedule for annual meeting, board members signed up for various duties, start grill and set up at 4:00.  Fund Raisers – meat raffle: $30 porkchop and steak packages.

Spring Fling Discussion: Lake Washington is the sponsor for 2008.  Board needs to look and identify our role, and where/when to have it.  John Fink will take charge of time and place for the Spring Fling.  We will look at continuing with this after next spring. Someone passing out flyers about a Garage Sale (Manuella, Stella, Washington) May 18 & 19. Board did not sanction this.

Cook Book Update: Eleven members on committee are proof reading various sections. Looks like no new recipes after 5/5/07.  Committee looking to put order in shortly after June 1 and should be available by August Bar-B-que. Cost to publish with free cover is $3.50…still looking for a name.

EXOTIC SPECIES: 20 acres are mapped out for “curley-leaf pond weed” treatment.  We are waiting for permit to be granted.  Professional Lake Management is ready to go once we have the permit.  Kim W. will email Lee Sundberg, DNR Fisheries at Hutchinson to see about getting a list of fishing tournaments scheduled for Washington this summer.  A new battery for the laptop was ordered and Donnie H. is ordering new programs to update the laptop.

COMMUNICATIONS: Newsletters went out around April 11th to all members, County Commissioners, Sheriff’s Dept., Senate and House Representatives .  Rick Fernstrom is working with Mike Engel, a lakeshore property owner, to switch web page from Vivid Image.  They have been doing our web hosting.  Discussion of board: how much are we paying Vivid?, what kind of contract do we have?, what does it take to switch?  Kim W. thought it would not be a problem switching as Vivid was doing this to help us out.  The cost looks to be much less, Rick will check with Mike E. regarding what it takes to switch and who could or would continue to help us update the webpage every month?   Steve will get Vivid Images contact information to Rick.  Board was in favor of switching.

SHORELINE CAPTAINS: look for new people on the lake, may need to solicit new members.  Dennis W. is looking to get a map of the tile and inlets to the lake.

Next Board Meeting: 
June 5, 2007 at 7:00 pm at Dassel Rod ‘n Gun Club.

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