Board Meeting Minutes Archived Minutes
Lake Washington Association Board Meeting July 3, 2007
Board Members Present:
Bill Craig
Kim Winter
Jen Kjell
Dick Yock
Dennis Westendorp
Steve Ullom
Rick Abeln
Jean Ward
James Wendling
Rick Fernstrom

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.
Minutes to May meeting approved for publication.

Treasurer Report:
Exotic Species Fund $44,428.44
Siren Fund paid (Special Thank you to Jim Wendling)
General Fund $24,318.66


New Business:
Aug. 4th Bar-B-Q Hojie’s is donating $60 toward the food and will provide the buns.  There will ask for a Free Will Offering for the beef and buns.

Door Prizes list was sent around for board members to sign up.  Steve will get this list out soon for all to have. No speaker planned, but will have committee updates at the Bar-B-Q.

If we get additional money for the siren fund we will put it in the general fund to pay for batteries and maintenance of the siren. Board approved donating $300 to the Dassel Fire Department.

Shoreline Captains meeting July 30th with pizza, Jim Wendling chairing this meeting.

Kim W. checking with DNR re Fishing Tournaments on Lake Washington, so far 3 in June and 1 in July.

Old Business:
Cookbook order sent in, for 600 copies, with $1500 (1/2 down).  Our cost will be $5.30 per book, we will be selling them for $15.00.  Title Celebration of 50 years for the Lake Association. 

Updated information to include Free will Offering for the Beef and Buns.  Jenna sent disk to Kim with paid members sorted. Crow River Printing has 10% discount because of construction, have them deliver to Park Towers.

Exotic Species Committee Report:
Aquatic Plant Management Legislation deferred to DNR Commissioners and they will present their plan to the legislature by April 1, 2008.

Tour and Inspection by committee with Jacquelyn Bacigalupi on June 26th. She approved treating 16 acres this year, in three different areas.  These are monoculture milfoil areas with no native plants present.  The will not allow treatment of small patches that were noted on this tour. Their reasoning being they do not impact property owners because of their size and location.

Treatment Plan:
Professional Lake Management to treat on or about July 9th at a cost of $150 per acre.  DNR approved $6400 for treatment and Meeker Co. Lakes Association have set aside $3000 for treatment on Lake Washington.  So, this treatment will be fully paid for by these two sources. 

Question by the board, can we sell out surplus chemical to Professional Lake Management, Kim will check on this. 
Downloaded information from PLM is too complicated for us to use on our laptop.

Discussion of posting on our website what our month by month agenda would look like. Tabled this for the next meeting.

Jen asked who or what address we have to send the Campground a thank you for their contribution to the milfoil and siren funds.

Next Meeting:
August 7, 2007  7:00 pm – Rod ‘n Gun Club


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