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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting August 7, 2007
Board Members Present:
Bill Craig
Kim Winter
Jenna O'Brien
Dennis Westendorp
Steve Ullom
Cammy Moses
Jean Ward
Rick Abeln
John Fink

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.
Minutes to July meeting approved for publication.

Treasurer Report:
Exotic Species Fund $44,588.44
General Fund $25,309.37


New Business:
Exoctic Species Comm. – Professional Lake Management (PLM) coming out this week to GPS the milfoil sites for us.  PLM used our chemical to treat in July.  The bill for treatment was $7280.  This was submitted to the DNR for reimbursement.  We also will get some money from Meeker County Lake Association to help pay this bill.  With the information PLM is provided us with the areas of milfoil they found this year in Lake Washington, we will be able to track this into next year.  This should help us with a more regular treatment plan.

Social Comm. – March 30 is the “Spring Fling” We will need to plan for the food and speaker.  Discussed having someone to speak to us about septic issues or County assessor.

Discussion regarding the Silent Auction at the Bar-B-Q.  Board’s suggestion there be fewer items and better communication about what is expected.  Also some individuals have proposed donating a % of there sales to the Lake Association from profits they get using our mailing lists.  This led to a board resolution stating that the board does not endorse any product or company.  We are willing to allow advertisements in our Newsletters at full price.

Shoreline Captains meeting July 31.  Jim Wendling bought the pizza and pop for this.  Shore Line Captains are willing to assist in the delivery of the cookbooks. 

Dennis expressed concern about our non-profit status, the money we have in our accounts, and the need to look at filing required reports and returns.  Put on agenda for next meeting.
At the next meeting board will:

Plan to discuss Opinion Exchange 12 ways to saver our lakes, Jean Ward brought this to our meeting.  Also need to look at a plan for reviewing and updating our Lake Plan. 

Old Business:
Review of the Aug. 4th Bar-B-Q; $446 were collected, $126 was collected in the Free Will Donation for the food.  $313 was collected for the Silent Auction ½ was sent to the Country Store.  Hojie’s paid for ½ the meat and donated the buns.

Cookbook: sent proof for cover in this week.  Mid August should have proof of book with production dated scheduled for September 25. 

We printed 435, Jenna suggested we print only 385.  We have included many local, county and state officials on our Newsletter mailing list.

Next Meeting:
September 11 , 2007  7:00 pm – Rod ‘n Gun Club


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