Board Meeting Minutes Archived Minutes
Lake Washington Association Board Meeting April 1, 2008
Board Members Present:
Bill Craig
Kim Winter
Jenna O'Brien
Jen Kejell
Dennis Westendorp
Jean Ward
Cammy Moses
Dick Yock
John Fink
Jim Wendling
Rick Fernstrom

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report:
Exotic Species Fund $51,263.24
General Fund $24,921.89
Center National  Interest 132.59  YTD 311.80

Cookbooks sold 346 profit $1,661.00.


Big Thank you to John Fink for organizing the Spring Fling.   81 people attended   Question regarding garage sale but nobody showed up   Lake Washington 45 0r 46, Manuella 10 and Stella 26  Comments regarding good location at Peters
Bob Anderson from Assessor’s office showed up, year behind October 2006-October2007   Discussion on his presentation.   Lake Manuella expressed interest in hosting next year. 
John presented expenses for name tags etc.

Sign up Sheet for May annual meeting on May 3rd, the first Saturday in May was distributed.  Meat raffle-two packages .  Looking for one more item-Kim will check.  Volunteers should arrive at 3:30 to start grilling pork chops and  4:00 -4:30 for preparations. 

Speaker:   Kim will invite speaker about Lake Scaping from State of MN or Local Landscaping firm such as Julie Neubarth

Terms were discussed:  Dennis will accept another term, Jim will let us know, Bill will, John will unless someone else wants to be on the Board.  There may be one or two positions open.

Bill Craig submitted the grant application for treatment of milfoil.  Full amount of grant can treat only 100 acres, which will exhaust our budget and cost approximately $45,000.
We need to raise more revenues to treat milfoil next year.  Must treat when milfoil needs less chemical -before it blooms.  State of MN now forbids herbicides with endocrine interrupters. 2-4D is now forbidden.   Need to determine options to raise revenues.  Discussion to create a task force to explore options and the possibility of a Lake Improvement District to contain Eurasion Water Milfoil.  Bill Craig will create a FACT Sheet for the annual meeting.

Newsletter:  Rick F will finalize newsletter and membership postcards.  Newsletter and membership postcard will be sent out in April.  Will print 450 newsletters and 500 postcards. 

Next Meeting:
May 6, 2008  7:00 pm – Rod ‘n Gun Club


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