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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting June 3, 2008
Board Members Present:
John Fink
Bill Ooley
Ken Klehr
Jen Kejell
Jean Ward
Dick Yock
Dennis Westendorp
Steve Ullom
Bill Craig
Cammy Moses

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.
Minutes to May 6 Meeting approved for publication.

Treasurer Report:
Exotic Species Fund: $56,784.34
General Fund: $33,682.00

Cammy presented a detailed statement of our accounts to date. Approved by the board.  $855 in the general fund is designated for the Dassel Fire Dept. Wells Fargo charged us $15.50 check cashing fee, something they did not do in the past.  Cammy is looking into having our accounts at a bank that would not charge us a fee. Center National Bank has paid $636.23 in interest thus far this year.


Old Business: 
Board had a continuation of the discussion from the May meeting about having a more detailed financial statement for each meeting and a year end report. 

New Business:
Election of officers: the following were nominated and approved,
Kim Winter – President; Dennis Westendrop-V. President;
Steve Ullom-Secretary;  Cammy Moses- Treasurer
Bill Ooley chose to be on Exotic Species Committee and Ken Klehr on Finance/Fundraising.

Discussed the following topics:
Developing a monthly agenda (an eye on a year at a glance – issues, topics, a plan of what we are doing each month or planning for).  Dennis will talk to Kim about putting this in action.

There was a question about if we have a yearly budget?  Should we have a fact sheet of income and expenses available at the annual meeting?  Discussion about having monthly/yearly written financial statements was brought up.  What part does the Finance/Fund Raising Committee play in putting this together?  Because there was only a quorum of members available – This was tabled for discussion at the next board meeting. 

Committee Reports:

Finance & Fundraising - Cammy agreed, it would be how she preferred it, a monthly report to the board and a Statement/Balance sheet would by published or announced at the annual meeting in May. All members of the board agreed to this proposal.

Shoreline Captains/Membership – We are in need of some shoreline captains, especially on 233rd Street.  If you know of someone please contact Kay Yoch.  We will check with Kay to see where we need captains and who we have now.  Have her email board with areas in need of captains.

Exotic Species – Because we signed an agreement with PLM, Patrick has been providing information to and negotiating with the DNR on our behalf.  Bill reports SHAPE files were sent to Jacquleyn B. with milfoil sightings.  Chip Welling confirmed he did get our grant application.  Bill emailed him we were planning to treat 100 acres this year.  This could result in a grant from the DNR for $17,348.  Bill will contact Jacquleyn to come visit and do a survey.  The goal is to target and identify the areas that we can spot treat.  The point intercept vegetation survey is suppose to this for us. 

Communications/Public Relations – There was a general discussion about Lake Improvement Districts by the board members present.  We will need to provide education and information to all property owners about the needs, different options, and benefits of such a plan.  If we are going to target a set acreage for treatment each year, then we need to somehow identify a revenue stream that is ongoing and can help us meet our targeted treatment plan.  This would involve providing factual information (Could it be a fact sheet for all owners?) on milfoil and other exotic species, why we have developed specific goals (See Lake Improvement Plan 2008) and what are some options for a revenue stream,,  We have set up a Task Force (Rick Fernstrom, Ken Klehr, Steve Ullom) have so far volunteered to be on this committee.  More people are welcome to join them.  They will begin meeting this summer to provide information for the board and provide general direction for this cause.

Social - Bar-B-Q is scheduled for August 3rd.

Cook Book – We have sold 395 book so far.  Peterson Pharmacy, in Dassel, has sold many books every month.  If you are in there a “thank you” would be very nice.

July Newsletter - Steve will contact Rick and have him send out the template.  Goal is to have committee articles in to him by July 1, looking for printing and mailing no later than July 15.

Next Meeting:
July 1, 2008  7:00 pm – Rod ‘n Gun Club


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