Board Meeting Minutes Archived Minutes
Lake Washington Association Board Meeting July 1, 2008
Board Members Present:
John Fink
Bill Ooley
Ken Klehr
Rick Fernstrom
Jean Ward
Dick Yock
Kim Winter
Steve Ullom
Bill Craig
Jenna O'Brien

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.
Minutes for June 3 meeting approved for publication with correction of Bar-B-Q date.

Treasurer Report:
Exotic Species Fund: $56,834.73
General Fund: $33,714.53


Old Business: 
Reviewed the timelines for the Newsletter, all articles need to be finalized by
Monday eve July 7. Rick will include copy of membership card in newsletter with reminders and we will publish names of paid members as of July 1 (Jenna).

New Business:
The storm/warning siren company has come forward with a plan where they will check the operation of the siren twice a year at a cost of $50 per visit.  The board discussion included not wanting a service agreement.  Presently Dassel Fire checks batteries and operations. Kim W. will check with them to see if the siren company check would be different and worthwhile. 

Committee Reports:

Shoreline Captains/Membership – We are in need of some shoreline captains, especially on 233rd Street.  If you know of someone please contact Kay Yoch.  We will check with Kay to see where we need captains and who we have now.  Have her email board with areas in need of captains.

Exotic Species – After many emails and tours of the lake, the DNR has approved treatment of 28.4 acres of milfoil for this year. On 6/10 the DNR toured and didn’t find anything.  On 6/26 DNR toured again with Patrick (PLM) and board members finding some very heavy infestations of milfoil.  Presently the state needs to develop a “Reducing Treatment Plan”, as required by state law, before we can treat these areas if we want to qualify for matching grant monies.  Also, 24D is not allowed if you want grant monies.  Effectiveness: is to treat early in the year and must be before August 15th.  LWIA board approved a motion: If Bill Craig did not get confirmation from Chip Welling, Minnesota Exotic Species, by  July 8th.  The board approved going ahead with PLM doing the treatments, and forgoing grant monies at this time.  Bill also noted there is talk of various treatment plans that may be sanctioned by the DNR and Exotic Species Departments.  One being a 5 year treatment plan of treating 20% of the area around the lake each year; this could be a vegetation treatment plan established by the lake with the state.  This plan would treat up to 150 feet from shoreline out – creating a ring around the lake.  The thinking is this will allow boaters the chance to get out from their docks.  Presently the thinking/belief is if boaters can avoid areas of heavy milfoil infestations because they are out in the lake, then these areas do not warrant treatment.

Communications/Public Relations – Focus is on getting newsletter information to Rick by Monday eve. July 7th and send to the printer July 8th.  The task force to look at a funding mechanism/means for creating a revenue stream to maintain/improve water quality has scheduled a meeting on July 10th at Ken Khlers house 69693 233rd street at 6:30 pm. Anyone interested in the process or helping formulate ideas are welcome to attend.

Social - Bar-B-Q is scheduled for Aug. 2. Craig Hagen from Hojie’s is donating meat and buns for about 80 people, John will check on this.  We will again have a “Free Will Donation” to offset some costs. John sent around a sign up list for various duties, volunteers should be there by 4:30.   Door Prizes – Steve will send out list to the board – We will consider Auction or Raffle for some prizes.  Jenna and Cammy maybe at base/soft ball tournaments, Steve volunteered Christine to work at the door. 


Cook Book – We have made about $2,600 in profits from sales so far.

Special note people have been reporting a significant increase in snapping turtles (large ones) around the lake, it was noted they are protected.

Next Meeting:
August 7, 2008  7:00 pm – Rod ‘n Gun Club


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