Board Meeting Minutes Archived Minutes
Lake Washington Association Board Meeting October 7, 2008
Board Members Present:
John Fink
Ken Klehr
Rick Fernstrom
Kim Winter
Cammy Moses
Dennis Westendorp
Steve Ullom
Bill Craig
Jenna O'Brien

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report:
Exotic Species Fund: $45,167.00
General Fund: $35,504.00

COOKBOOKS SOLD: 434 / 225 left

Old Business: 
Kim will present Dassel Fire Dept. $1030 check from donations received from Lake Association members.

Bill will be contacting Chip Welling regarding grant payment. He will also submit statement for water testing once we get it. 

New Business:
Fall newsletter will be sent out sometime during the middle of October. 

Kim W. reported there has been silt coming in from Lake Stella causing a build-up in the shallow water near the culvert.  DNR directed us to talk with Meeker Co. we would need to get their permission and pay something for it.

Peter’s Signs from Litchfield volunteered to replace the existing Lake Washington signs posted around the lake.

Dick Y. and Patrick (PLM) toured the 28.4 acres treated for milfoil this summer.  They found no milfoil in these areas.  PLM will be doing the vegetation site point study this fall.  They will send us a copy of this when completed.

Cammy reported the board liability insurance should be due sometime in October.  She is awaiting their bill.

Bill C. plans to schedule a meeting this winter with Chip Welling and Patrick (PLM) to look at our long range plan.

Next Meeting:
February 3, 2009  6:00 pm – Hojie's
Patrick from (PLM) will be there to talk about the 2008 Water Quality Report.


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