Board Meeting Minutes Archived Minutes
Lake Washington Association Board Meeting July 7, 2009
Board Members Present:
John Fink
Rick Fernstrom
Jen Kejell
Bill Ooley
Kim Winter
Cammy Moses
Ken Khler
Lyle Walker
Steve Ullom
Bill Craig
Jenna O'Brien

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Approved minutes from June 2 meeting minutes.

Treasurer Report:
Exotic Species Fund: $75,205.03
General Fund: $42,020.68


Old Business:
Lyle and Jenny are signers on the bank account.
Steve Hanson has all the information necessary for completing application for 501c3.

New Business:

Dennis Westendorp’s family and friends are asking about donating to a memorial in his memory.  Kim W. will check with the Rod ‘n Gun Club about planting of a tree, or a bench in the park, or something similar.  Cammy will check with emailer about what they have in mind. 
Shoreline Captains Meeting (at Kay Yoch’s June 30th ).  18 people were in attendance and listed are some discussion items from that meeting.

  1. Limiting tickets for door prizes to 2 per paid membership.
  2. Like someone different to speak at annual spring meetings.
  3. Captains would like name lists earlier in the year.
  4. Have a early bird drawing for members who pay by a certain date.
  5. New directory in 2010 be for members only.
  6. A Welcome packet for new lake owners.
  7. Aug. Picnic have a fact sheet for money spent on milfoil treatment.
  8. Current membership cards for them.
  9. Name tags for board members and Shoreline captains at meetings.
  10. Have designated meet and greeters at the meetings for new members.

EXOTIC SPECIES: Bill reported PLM (Patrick) is applying for a permit to treat 92 acres for milfoil with the DNR.  Bill doesn’t think it will be before May 15.

FINANCE COMMITTEE: Bill C. reported 78.39 acres of milfoil were treated on June 15th. They used a liquid herbicide this year.  Bill went to St. Paul on June 12th to sign grant papers for this to happen.  Wendy at the DNR contacted him directly to facilitate awarding of the grant($18,124.00) and treatment three days later.  Bill reported treatment and water testing costs for 07-08-09 amounted to $61,186.00 with grants covering $49,703 of that.  The total treatment cost for 2009 is $35,667.45.   The state recognizes that PLM rates are very fair and competitive for this area.  The DNR believes the large areas of EWM can be avoided by boaters; therefore treatment is not an option or necessary at this time.  Bill has been trying to contact Patrick at PLM to get an update on the effectiveness of the treatment.  Bill O will check areas treated.  There was some discussion about what other lakes are doing with regards EWM treatments and management.

COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE: July newsletter draft has been sent out by Rick.  There is one advertiser at this time.  The newsletter will be sent to the printer as soon as Rick has all the pieces, this will be no later than July 13th.

SOCIAL COMMITTEE: Board members please come at 4:30 on August 1 to help set up.  John will have all the necessary things there.

ELECTION OF NEW OFFICERS: Ken Khler was elected President and Rick Fernstrom Vice President. LWIA still needs one more board member: Kim W. has a name, otherwise will address this issue at the picnic (Aug. 1).  The Board approved the 2009 Budget and noted it will be published in the July newsletter.

Next Meeting:
August 11, 2009  7:00 pm – Dassel Rod ‘n Gun Club


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