Board Meeting Minutes Archived Minutes
Lake Washington Association Board Meeting August 11, 2009
Board Members Present:
John Fink
Rick Fernstrom
Jenna O'Brien
Ken Khler
Lyle Walker
Steve Ullom
Bill Craig

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Minutes to July 7 meeting approved as amended for publication.

Treasurer Report:
Exotic Species Fund: $39,505.38
General Fund: $42,893.61


Old Business:
The filing of the 501c3 and IRS Form 990 is being wrapped up and should be completed soon.  Dave Barry has filed amended Articles of Incorporation and Hanson Firm is holding Form 990 to file with 501c3 application.

New Business:
Jeff Norlin, Meeker Co. Sheriff spoke to the board about looking for ways to better communicate with lake associations and people living on the lakes in Meeker Co.  They are in a discussion stage of using emails to notify people of specific crime alerts out on the lakes.  He asked if we would consider sharing our email list with the Meeker Co. Sheriff’s Dept. for them to use in getting out these notices. 

Board discussion focused on getting feedback from members regarding email list being shared with Meeker Co. Sheriff.  Other concerns were could people unsubscribe, getting individuals permission to share this information, and would the notices be pertinent to Lake Washington. 

Rick volunteered to talk with Sheriff about regarding limits on what kind of information would be sent, privacy of the members, and that the list would not be used in any way not specifically approved by the board.

Noted a thank you card was sent to the Lake Association by the Dennis Westendorp family. 

The board approved giving the Steve Hanson Firm power of attorney for filing the Form 990 and 501c3 paperwork only.

Tabled committee assignments for new members until they are present.

Board had a discussion about Meeker County Lakes Association and decided to invite Orlin Ortloff to the next board meeting for conversation about his role, Lake Washington’s part, and what MCLA means to our association. 

Steve is working on developing this, with much of the information provided by various state agencies.  We have the water quality information, need additional “point intercept” information from this year. 

Milfoil treatment appears to be successful.  We are waiting for a report from PLM.  Bill C. was notified Patrick from PLM will do a tour of the treated areas on Thurs. Aug. 21.  Bill will respond to Patrick’s email and ask about how many visitors can go with on his boat.  Discussed observations of treatment and believed for liability reasons could not be on the boat during treatments. 

The board expressed a desire to get more information from PLM about treatment plans and ongoing status of the results.  Bill Craig currently writes grants to DNR and Meeker County Lakes Assn. He would like someone else to learn how to write these.  He has one year left on the board and wants to share the “how to” information with someone else.  He has records of all these, and the board discussed keeping this with someone on the Exotic Species Committee.

Rick did a great job with the Newsletter.  He has made changes and updated email, phone, and members list from August Bar B Q. 

John reported Hojie’s has not sent a bill for the meat and the many door prizes were very nice.

Next Meeting:
Tuesday September 1, 2009  7:00 pm – Dassel Rod ‘n Gun Club


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