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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting October 6, 2009
Board Members Present:
Steve Kjell
Rick Fernstrom
Jen Kjell
Kim Winter
Ken Khler
Lyle Walker
John Fink
Steve Ullom
Pat Hanson
Bill Ooley

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

The board approved publication of the September board minutes with corrections and the treasures report.

Treasurer Report:
Exotic Species Fund: $58,084.18
General Fund: $40,449.33
Transferred $15,000 to the ING business account.


Old Business:
Milt Lueneburg brought the permit to dredge the culvert between Stella and Washington to the board.  Ken Klher has the permit.   Rob Colette and Craig Reiner (Reiner Const) need to meet before the work is done.  The permit is good until November 1st. We have before pictures and will need after pictures.

Patrick Selter, Professional Lake and Land Management Company Reviewed 2009 Water Quality Report and 2009 Vegetation Assessment Report.

Vegetation Report: This report includes 2008 and 2009 Vegetation Surveys conducted by PLM.  The goal for doing this is to know the native vegetation in the lake so treatments do no harm to native plants.  EWM peaks in Lake Washington during July, with senescing (dieing back) occurring after this in to the fall. This is an unusual growth pattern for EWM.  EWM is the most dominant plant in the 5-10 foot range. This report will be posted on the website. Patrick expressed concerns about treating EWM in areas we know curly leaf pond weed exists, may result in a resurgence of these plants.  He sees curly leaf pond weed as a more devastating plant because of its impact on water quality.

2009 Water Quality Report:  They have noted a high phosphorous reading near the inlet from Lake Stella.  He was wondering if we could get some volunteers do sampling of this area during the summer of 2010, especially after a heavy rain.  Kim W. will look into grant programs for lake monitoring.  Ken K. volunteered to do the sampling.  Patrick will help us set up the sampling pack and that included instructions about keeping samples cool before they are submitted for testing.
Patrick stated milfoil does affect and impact water quality in Lake Washington. He notes that the water quality has been showing improvements over the years.  He sees our lake presenting issues and concerns for surrounding lakes because of the potential spread of EWM.

A Lake Vegetation Management Plan should allow us to develop a long range plan with priority areas. Patrick talked about the various chemicals they can use to treat EWM. They used Tricholoate, a new product that is more specific to EWM, because they can more readily regulate the concentrations based on water depth to get maximum coverage and impact on EWM.

There was a discussion with the board about what is a long range plan and some options that might include.  He estimated it would cost $250,000 to do a whole lake treatment for EWM.  This would amount to about 500 acres, that PLM has identified at this time.  As part of Lake Washington’s contract with PLM they will continue to do surveys of: treated areas and vegetation on a yearly basis.  PLM will do surveys in the spring and fall, to identify areas of EWM, as they have done in the past as part of our contract with them.   Patrick suggested we look at “How are we treating the EWM in Lake Washington on a long range basis and agrees surveys on a regular yearly basis in important.

The issue of mercury testing was also discussed.  From what we can tell the last time this was tested was in 1998.  The question was do/should we be doing that testing again? Patrick will check out whether this needs to be done, the cost and how we would go about doing this.  Ken Klher will be the contact person for PLM/Patrick in the future. 

New Business:
Committee Reports
Finance: The board approved the transfer of treasurer title to Lyle Wagner, allowing him to represent LWIA as an officer.  We have $1320 donated by lake members for the Dassel Fire Department.  Ken K will present this to Chief Dale Grochow at their pork chop dinner on October 9.  The IRS has notified us they have received our 501c3 application and it may take 4-6 months for approval.  The 990 EZ has been sent in to the state.

Mn. Waters has contacted us about giving a donation, this was tabled at this time.  Lyle asked about annual rental agreement with the Dassel Rod ‘n Gun Club.  Kim W will check on their sending out a contract.

Shore Line Captains: Jen reported door prize thank yous were sent out. There was a discussion by the board about a new directory.  We do have an electronic copy of much of the 2005 directory, this should make generating it easier.  Our 2010 goal is to form a committee to put this together.  We will need to begin a campaign of seeking advertisements that ultimately pay for the publication of the directory.  At this point Steve, Jen, Ken are on the committee. 

Exotic Species – Bill Craig has effective October 5, 2009 resigned from the board of directors.  There is a meeting with, Joe Eisterhold (DNR Area Invasive Species) for later in the month of October to look at our Lake Vegetation Management Plan.  Steve will email all board members of the date and time. Tabled discussion about contacting the Lessard Outdoor Council.

Communication/PR: Rick F. reports the fall newsletter is ready to go to the printer.  There still is a question about the flyer Hojie’s want us to include in the mailing.  Rick will check with Cammy.

Social: Spring Fling sponsor is Lake Stella, John will let us know if he hears anything.  There was a discussion about a 4th of July parade, this was tabled.  The Board approved changing the name of the Exotic Species Committee to Invasive Species Committee.

There was a discussion about some board members volunteering for different committees: Steve Kjell – Shoreline Captains; Pat Hanson, Ken Klher – Invasive species and Kim Winter – Social and Invasive Species to assist with grant writing and contacts at the state level.

With Bill Craig resigning from the Board, we should look for someone to assume his term for until May 2011.  Also, individuals that may be interested in being on the board in the future.

Next Meeting:
February 9, 2010 - Place to be announced.
The Rod ‘n Gun Club will be closed for the winter months.   


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