Board Meeting Minutes Archived Minutes
Lake Washington Association Board Meeting March 2, 2010
Board Members Present:
Rick Fernstrom
Jen Kjell
Kim Winter
Ken Khler
John Fink
Steve Ullom
Pat Hanson

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report:
Invasive Species Fund $56,635.00
General Fund: $41966.00


Old Business:
Dan Nadeau from Crow River Organization of Waters (CROW) shared information about this organization and described things they do.  They represent portions of 10 central Minnesota counties.  Their focus is to help lake residents and associations develop and maintain lake plans, with an overall goal of protecting lakes and rivers. Water testing is a main focus of CROW.  They have grant monies (cover 50% of cost) and cost share programs they facilitate.  Dan suggested Lake Washington needs to go through CROW for most of the state monies that are available for water projects.  Asked him about helping us identify inlets to the lake and doing testing after a major rainfall.  Board approved having Dan (CROW) identify and testing cost estimate for the inlets.  He thought it would be about $1000.

Dredging the channel near the culvert was discussed.  Ken reported the ends are metal and the middle is much lower.  The state inspected the culvert in January, on a 1-10 rating it was rated at an 8, it needs to be a 5 or under to be deemed in need of repair.  Thinking is when the roadway is worked on is when this would be looked at. 

LVMP has been submitted to Joe and Lee, and is expecting some feed back sometime in March. LMP Steve has been accepting ideas and edits from other board members.  By-Laws: Steve U. is updating the language that was approved last year and updating some or the other language.  We will need to have these ready for the Annual Meeting May1.

Crime Alert: Rick F. reported that he has 23 responses to his email sent out since the last meeting. He will be passing these on the Sheriff’s office.  Will put a notice in the newsletter.


New Business:
Board member replacements.  Milt Lueneny has volunteered to be on the board.  We still need two more volunteers. Ken has another name he will contact this person.  We will put a notice in the spring newsletter. 

Directory: Committee – Ken Khler, Jen Kejell, Steve Ullom will get together this summer to begin planning.  Kim W. will check with Crow River Publishing to get an idea of the cost.  The board as a whole will then need to develop advertising prices.

Watercraft Inspection Grant: Kim W. and Ken are gathering information on how this is going to work.

Spring Newsletter:  Rick F. will send out the template to all board committees for their parts.  He would like to have all the information turned in by March 26, so we will have time to get it out by the first part of April.

May 1, 2010 will be the Annual Members Meeting.  5:00 Social Hour – 6:00 Pork chop dinner – Annual meeting to start 6:30-45.  We will have 2 meat raffles, John will arrange for these.

April meeting Ken would like to plan the agenda for the Annual Meeting.

Next Meeting:
April 6, 2010 - Dassel Rod ‘n Gun Club


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