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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting April 6, 2010
Board Members Present:
Rick Fernstrom
Bill Ooley
Kim Winter
Ken Khler
John Fink
Lyle Walker
Steve Ullom
Pat Hanson

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

The board approved publication of the September board minutes with corrections and the treasures report.

Treasurer Report:
Exotic Species Fund $87,397.55
General Fund: $11,231.00


Old Business:
Dredging of the channel was completed last fall and there are some tire tracks on the shoreline that Ken Klehr will fill in this spring.

Crime Alert –34 people have asked for their email addresses to be forwarded to the Meeker Co. sheriff’s department, Rick F. has done this. 

Spring Newsletter has been printed and going to be stuffed this week.  Kim reports they will go out by the end of the week.

LVMP – waiting to hear from Joe and Lee to see if they have approved the plan. 

Board Members:  Milt Lueneburg has agreed to join the board.  Rick Johnson said he would be willing to also serve on the board. 

Meeker County Associations of Lakes meeting on 4/15 at 7:30, the Family Center in Litchfield, Ken was going to attend.

No one was able to attend the Shallow Lakes Form on April 5 in Victoria.

Crow River Organization of Waters (CROW) Dan Nadeau informed us they will not be able to do the culvert surveys and testing we were requesting. 


New Business:
Jeff Norlin, Meeker Co. Sheriff spoke to us about them taking over management of the warning siren on Lake Washington.  The County is recommending taking this action to better coordinate and maintain the sirens in the county that are not in cities.  The board approved transferring maintenance and upkeep to the county.

Lyle W. asked about MN Waters membership, the board suggested waiting until after the Members meeting and we have new board members.  Lyle reported with LWIA of Meeker Co. fiscal year being April 30, we will need to file IRS Form 990.  He has looked at it and is recommending we contract with PHB Consulting in Hutchinson (they helped with the 501(c)3 application) to do the filing of this form.  Board approved Lyle contacting Steve Hanson to do the filing of this form.

Water craft inspection grant we have received for this summer was explained by Ken and an overview was passed out to the board.  The board talked about focusing most of the time at Ellsworth Landing. 

Professional Lake Management has made a proposal to treat 70-80 acres of EWM this spring.  They sent us a map, with plans to make channels along the northwest bay allowing for property owners to have access to the lake, and treating some small areas just east of Cedar Point.  Ken and Bill Ooley will begin surveying areas of the lake and the Invasive Species Committee will determine the treatment areas in conjunction with the DNR.

Board reviewed and approved updated changes to the Lake Washington By-Laws and will present these for membership approval at the annual meeting, May 1, 2010.

Steve will make updates and suggestions provided by board members to the Lake Washington Management Plan for 2010 and have it ready for the annual meeting.

2011 New Lake Directory – Ken put together a to do list for the committee.  The board is waiting for an approximate cost so we can establish pricing for the advertisers, Kim was checking with Crow River Printing. 

Annual Meeting: John reports the food is all ordered.  Board talked about who and when we need to be there to help set up.  Kim Winter and John checking to see who is available to help cook the pork chops.   

Set times for Social 5:00; Dinner 6:00 or earlier if there are enough people to begin serving.

6:30-45 MPCA Edward Swain speaker.  
7-7:15 Committee Reports
7:30 By-Law changes vote, recognition of board members and outgoing members (Bill, Cammy, and Jenna); New Board Elections.  Members comments, ideas, suggestions, or comments. 

We have two meat raffles.    

Next Meeting:
May 11, 2010 - 7:00pm - Dassel Rod ‘n Gun Club


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