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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting May 11, 2010
Board Members Present:
Rick Fernstrom
Bill Ooley
Kim Winter
Steve Kjell
Steve Grotbo
Ken Khler
John Fink
Lyle Walker
Rick Johnson
Steve Ullom
Pat Hanson
Jen Kjell
Milt Lueneburg

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

The board approved publication of the September board minutes with corrections and the treasures report.

Treasurer Report:
Invasive Species Fund $64,170.00
General Fund: $40,704.00


Old Business:
Dredging Milt reports tire tracks are repaired.  The ends of the culvert are a bit higher than the middle, they will not cut off the ends. LWIA sent a letter to Meeker Co. concerns.

Lyle reports Steve Hanson will do IRS Form 990 for LWIA year end report.  He will provide them with the financials to do this. He will file 1 page state form.

Rick F. reports there are 82 people signed up for Crime Alert from Meeker Co.  Updated list will be sent to Sheriff and Rick will ask them to send out a test email.  Jen K. and Rick are coordinating this email list. 

Watercraft Inspection Grant is scheduled to start May 15 with Ken K. coordinating this. Looking to have people at Ellsworth Landing and Rod ‘n Gun Club landing.

Meeker County Association of Lakes (MCAL) Pat H. and Ken K. attended April meeting in Litchfield.  They reported some lakes in Meeker Co. did fly over photography looking for trouble areas on their lake, turned out to be many false positives. Not sure it is worth the cost.

Lake Directory – Estimate from Crow River Publishing for one similar to last one would cost about $2,950.00 for 600 copies.  With similar number of ads as last directory we could charge $100.00 for full and $50 for half pages that would cover the cost, looking a May 2011 publication.

New Business:
Introduction of new board members and review of Annual Meeting.  All agreed the food was outstanding, and meeting went well. 

2010 proposed Budget for WIA was presented by Ken Klehr, discussion by the board agreed this looked reasonable. 

Milt L. is going to check with Peter’s Signs in Litchfield about getting a sign to put up at the Ellsworth boat landing with information for people to make donations to LWIA. 

Board discussed updated Lake Management Plan 2010 it will be put on our website.  We have gotten some feed back from Joe E. and Lee S. (DNR) that the plan looks good.  We have not gotten any formal approval (signed) plan back yet.  Also will put 2010 By-Laws on the website.

PLM Lake Treatment Strategy to treat about 70 acres, by cutting channels along northwest shoreline and treating other areas east of Cedar Point.  The plan has been shared with DNR, permit application was sent in April 16.  Kim Winter will send in grant application on 5/12.  She shared there is only about $135,000.00 for milfoil treatment for the entire state.  There are three different application dates in May, June, August and once you are granted money you can not apply again that year for more money.  She will apply each time if we do not get any matching funds.  

Shoreline Captains – Jen Kjell has a list of lake people for each captain to contact to help get most updated information for the directory.  Need to check with Kay Yoch about status of Shoreline Captains.

Invasive Species – is meeting with Joe Eisterhold from DNR on 5/19 to do more updated surveying. Board discussed purchasing a more updated GPS system and software, approved the purchase up to $500.

President – Ken Khler
V.President – Rick Fernstrom
Treasurer – Lyle Walker
Secretary – Steve Ullom

Invasive Species – Bill Ooley, Steve Grotbo, Milt Lueneburg, Pat Hanson,  Kim Winter
Social – John Fink, Kim Winter
Finance – Lyle Walker
Membership/Shoreline Captains – Jen Kjell, Rick Johnson
Communication/Public Relations – Rick Fernstrom, Steve Ullom

Updated board email addresses, Steve will have these published once the information is approved.

Board Discussed concerns brought to our attention by lake resident, they felt LWIA should focus on water quality and not be doing so many public service type things. 
Board talked about Dry Hydrant and how it could lower house insurance.  John Fink will talk with Dale Grochow, Dassel Fire Chief about this.

Talked about reducing the number of sites we do water testing on.  Ken talked with Patrick, PLM, about doing moving testing around the lake during the course of the year.  He will check with  Patrick about cost differential and/or what this moving testing might cost. 

Rick F. report Mike Engel has updated LWIA webpage and renewed hosting service for 2010-2013 at a cost of $114.00.

Jen K. asked about the possibility of doing email Thank You’s – Rick F. will check with Mike E about creating a thank you we could send to all people as they join LWIA.

Next Meeting:
June 1, 2010 - 7:00pm - Dassel Rod ‘n Gun Club


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