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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting October 5, 2010
Board Members Present:
Kim Winter
John Fink
Ken Klehr
Lyle Walker
Jen Kjell
Pat Hanson
Bill Ooley
Milt Lueneburg
Steve Grotbo
Steve Ullom

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report: Invasive Species Fund $68251; General Fund 45,980

 Minutes for September 14 meeting approved for publication.        


OLD BUSINESS: Lake Directory Update Cathy Klehr has documented 211 of the lake resident forms.  This is about half the total names from the 2005 Directory.  We will do phone calls and also will put a notice in the Oct. Newsletter, asking people to please fill one out and return it to us. Firmed up prices for ads: ˝ page B&W $75; color $100; full page B&W $125; color $150.  Kim Winter is coordinating selling of ads.  If you have any questions please call her.

Disposal of Chemicals and application equipment: Crop Production has agreed to store and sell left over product from last application and Gary Christianson is negotiating with Manuella for the purchase of our spreader.  Board agreed Gary can give the spreader to Lake Manuella.

LVMP has been updated and sent to Joe E. (New Ulm) and Lee S. (Hutchinson).

Lake Washington Website Updates: Steve Grotbo reports everything he has put on is up and running.  He will update the website: Shoreline Captains – Jen will get this information to him, the Government Update section, delete Amy Wilde’s letter and Storm Siren donation.  Steve G will contact Rick F. and Mike about the updating this information.  Ken K will review the website and make suggestions for additional changes.

NEW BUSINESS: Ken K and Lyle will send out bills or letters of payments to Meeker County Lakes Association.  Some of the fees / payments Boat Inspection $500 still due,  PLM water testing $1900.  We are getting $2000 from MCAL for water testing.

A presentation on promoting Conservation Programs by Mike Schultz from Pheasants Forever.  Mike works with land owners in Meeker and McCleod Counties, signing them up for various programs such as CRP, RIM, WRP etc.  This program has or is suppose to have many matching funds from the counties, state, Soil & Water Conservation that look at shoreline and water quality issues.  Mike works with the landowners helping them signed up, showing them the benefits of shoreline and wetland protections, and good water quality practices.  The board approved paying $1000 to Mike to continue his work and for him to contract with us regarding promotion of these practices in Meeker County.

            Meeker County Association of Lakes will be paying us $2000 for lake water testing and Ken K. talked with Meeker Co. Administrator and they will pay $1000 to us to help pay for Boat Inspection Program for this year. 

            2010 Watercraft Inspection Update: LWIA will be getting a written report from them in November or December 2010.

            Fall Newsletter:  Rick has sent out the template and will be looking at getting them out some time in late October.

            Minnesota Waters has a program Minnesota Star Lakes and River Designation: Ken will check out getting us on their list by the deadline. 

            John Fink reported there will NOT be a Spring Fling in March 2011.

            Ken K. reviewed the accomplishments of LWIA for 2010 and will include them in our Newsletter.

            LWIA members have donated $1175 to the Dassel Fire Department; we presented them with a check in October.


Next LWIA Board Meeting FEBRUARY 1, 2011    -    7:00 pm at John Fink’s house 69427 233rd St.


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