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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting February 8, 2011
Board Members Present:
Kim Winter
Pat Hanson
Rick Fernstrom

John Fink
Bill Ooley
Steve Ullom
Lyle Walker
Steve Grotbo

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report: Invasive Species Fund  $69,203; General Fund  $43,997        

Approved publication of LWIA Board minutes from Oct. 2010


OLD BUSINESS: LVMP status for 2011.  Steve will update LVMP with water quality information from 2010 and send to Joe Eisterhold and Lee Sundmark sometime in February.

Directory Status: Kim W. sent out letters to  most businesses listed in local phone books.  She has collected about $1500 so far.  Bill O and Lyle W are making calls and follow up to those receiving letters.  She is beginning to get some ads sent to her....she will forward them to Steve Grotbo, because he can open any program used for making the ads.  Ken has been busy working on putting the directory together.

MCAL - have sent grant money to us for 2010 in the amount of $3873, this is for water quality testing, boat inspections.  Ken should be getting email notice to apply for 2011 grants.

            Chemical disposal from Crop Production no new news.  Lake Manuella bought our spreader for $200.

Boat Inspections 2010 - We received published report for the Watercraft Inspections completed in 2010 at Ellsworth Landing.  They inspected 138 boats.  Did not get information for Rod ‘n Gun Club landing, but this is a special focus for this years inspections. 

NEW BUSINESS: Website update: Remove Spring Fling 2011 - it has been cancelled this year.  Steve G reports our service provider is GO and is a secure site.  We get about 6 people, on average, per week on our Facebook page.  Steve G is able to make changes and updates on our website.  Discussion about increasing our website use and facebook hits, Steve G will put out a mass email, later in March, regarding our face book page and website...

            County Water Patrol for annual meeting May, Kim W. will contact them and arrange for them to attend our meeting May 7.

            Some lake residents have inquired about a Bike and Walking Trail around Lake Washington, this is a county matter and there were discussion about trails near and around the lakes several years ago.

Discussion: Steve Grotbo and (wife) Elizabeth Walke are doing restoration on 167 of 223 feet of shoreline on their property.  The DNR offered to pay 75% of the cost if they included 75% of their shoreline.  Steve and Elizabeth won a drawing for $1500 last year that they are applying to this project.  Steve was asking the LWIA Board to sign on supporting of this project.  The Board agreed to be a sponsor for this project.  Discussed how we could use this to help other lake residents with ideas about shoreline restoration.  Steve agreed to reimburse the board for expenses paid for by the board during this project.

Next Board Meeting to be Tuesday March 15 - 7 pm @ John Fink’s house 69427 233rd St.


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