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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting March 15, 2011
Board Members Present:
Kim Winter
Lyle Walker
Rick Fernstrom

John Fink
Steve Grotbo
Steve Ullom
Ken Klehr
Steve Grotbo
visitor: Cathy Klehr

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report: Invasive Species Fund $69,278; General Fund $44341

Minutes and Treasurer’s report approved for publication          


OLD BUSINESS: LVMP - An updated version, for 2011, has been sent to Lee Sundmark and Joe Eisterhold for their approval.  We are waiting to hear from them to set up a meeting with Lee, Joe, and Craig Soupir.  They have dates we are available to meet.

            2011 Directory Update: Ken Klehr has most of the articles electronically set up.  He has a hard copy form that we looked reviewed at the meeting.  Cathy Klehr is working on putting the members address list together. She has 332 names so far, there were 411 names in 2005 directory and knows Jen has 390 names on our address list. They are trying to make face to face / door to door confirmation on unknown addresses.  She does have the tax rolls for Lake Washington to help with cross checking names and properties.   Steve Grotbo is working with Ken on formatting the directory and getting ads print ready.  Kim W. - Bill O. - Lyle W. are working on getting ads for the directory.  They have 19 ads so far and are looking at getting about 40 total. Kim W, Lyle W, and Ken K. will be contacting those on the list of local merchants.  Crow River Printing said they need about 4 weeks to print the directory, that will be about 100 pages. Goal we talked about having it ready was May 7th, Board decided that if could be ready by sometime early in May, it would be a good reason for Shoreline Captains to deliver and solicit memberships in a face to face way.  When the directory is completed, Steve G will be able to put a link on the website for the directory.

            Chemicals (2-4D) left from treatments were given to Crop Production for them to sell.

            Website update: Steve G reports there were 54 visitors to the site last month.  He reported many people were talking about all the mailboxes being taken out by snowplows this winter. 

NEW BUSINESS: Grants: For 2011, MCAL has awarded  LWIA a grant for $4000.  On the grant application Ken K. detailed the following: water testing $2000, invasive treatments $35000, watercraft inspections $1000, and Pheasants Forever (conservation practices in our water shed) $1000.  The Watercraft Inspection Program will focus on zebra mussels and spiny water fleas this year.  We should be hearing about this program soon.

            Annual Meeting May 7: Agenda - Have Water Patrol talk to members about boating safety.  Kim W. will contact Water Patrol to set up having them be at our meeting.  3-4 meat pack for raffles, John Fink will order these.  Board members up for reelection: Steve Grotbo, Pat Hansen, Ken Klehr, and John Fink.  Steve, Ken, John have agreed to continue, we haven’t yet asked Pat if she will continue. We will have the regular menu: John F will order pork chops, beans, bread, potato salad and brownies.

            MN Legislation for Zoning Variances - this is legislation to change the language of the law.  Ken K talked to Meeker County Attorney and it sounds like the county and township rules will remain the same. 

            DNR Shoreland Standards - Legislation that puts a moratorium on water related rule making is being considered by the State at this time.  These are new shoreline and water standards that have been under development by many stake holders for several years.  The Board felt this was an issue we should respond to on a personal basis. 

            Spring Newsletter: Rick will send out template for committees input.  Goal is to get to Crow River Printers by April 15, so they can be mailed by April 23.  Rick will update the membership card to be included with the newsletter.  Ken K will update the mailing list for public officials, after the changes from the fall elections.

            Shoreline Restoration Project: Steve G reports the DNR and CROW River are joining together to help fund this project.  The working lakescaping workshop/demonstration will be the first week of June 2011.

            Board approved having PLM continue doing our monthly water testing. Ken will check with Patrick about a contract for this year.  Discussion followed talking about continuing the testing and the fact Darwin is working on improving their septic system.  Reports indicate PH levels are high coming from this site.  Question posed about maybe testing more north in the northwest bay area. 

            Board approved having Steve Hanson, PHB CPA, prepare and file the 2011 (May 2010-April 30, 2011) required IRS statements for LWIA.


2011 Budget - Prepared by Lyle Walker

Income                                                                                                Expense

Membership (220x$50)           $11,000                       Lake Treatment  PLM 70 Acres(4)     $32,000

Milfoil Donations                       6,000                        Water testing   (3)                                $  1,900

Grant MCAL  (3)                        4,000                       Watercraft inspection(3)                     $  1,000

Grant - State of MN (guess)     15,000                      Insurance Premium                             $  1,200

ING interest                                1,000                       Newsletter Expenses                           $  1,500

Cookbook Sales                             200                       Annual Meeting    (May & Aug)         $     800

Other                                              500                       PHB Tax Services                               $     600

Dassel Fire Dept.(2)                    1,300                       Dassel Fire Dept. (2)                           $  1,300

Lake Directory(1)                               0                      Lake Directory  (1)                                         0

Other                                                           500

                                                                                    Pheasants Forever                               $  1,000


                                                $39,000                                                                                   $42,100


(1)   Assumes directory income and expenses in F/Y 2010

(2)   Collected from members and forwarded to DFD

(3)   Grant from Meeker Co. applies to water testing and boat inspection

(4)   Grant from state of MN applies to lake treatment

The Board approved the budget as it appears.


MN Waters "Lakes and River" Conference is scheduled to be held in St. Cloud April 27,28,29. LWIA has a long history of paying for any board member interested in attending. Ken K said he was going to attend. 

            Lyle W was going to contact Dassel Rod ‘n Gun Club to schedule our monthly meetings for April, May, June, July, August, September, October 2011.


Next Board Meeting April 5,2011   7 PM @ Dassel Rod ‘n Gun Club.


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