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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting July 5, 2011
Board Members Present:
Kim Winter
John Fink
Ken Klehr
Lyle Walker
Pat Hanson
Bill Ooley
Milt Lueneburg
Steve Grotbo
Cathy Klehr
Steve Ullom

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.


1) Call meeting to order 7PM - By President Ken Klehr

2) Secretary's report June 7, 2011 - approved for publication with changes

3) Treasurerís Report June - Invasive Species $74,045.55† General Fund $54,704.25

4) Interested New Board Member Dan Herd not interested at this time.† Still need one new board member, will bring this up at the August Potluck meeting.

5) 2011 Directory Status - We have 39 advertisers at this time, for a total of about $3700.† Kim W and Lyle are working out the billing.† At this time we need 1 ad completed before submitting for printing.† Ken K. is looking at having 152 pages in the directory.† Steve G. will be do formatting of the ads.

6) Shoreline Captains Meeting - Held June 16th at 6 pm, Sportsmanís Park.† Cathy K. reported attendance was low and suggestions were to have the meetings on a Saturday at 10 am. The captains would like to have a membership list by Memorial Day, because lots of people are at the lake on that day.

7) Web site update -† Steve G. has completed these updates.

††††††††††† Government Info

††††††††††† Officials

††††††††††† Delete Amy Wilde Article

8) LVMP Status 

††††††††††† Eurasian Watermilfoil Treatment/Grant - The permit has been approved for treatment and was scheduled for late June, but was put on hold with the pending government shut-down there would be no one to do the inspections.† Also Wendy Cromwell and Chip Welling said they have okíd grant money, but not sure about LWIA getting this money because a new yearly cycle begins on August 1st. Ken K. will keep us informed of the status.

9) Cormorant Committee Report - No new developments, continuing on hold until all parties can meet.

10) Mailing Thank You Cards

††††††††††† Contributions Over $50 - Cathy Klehr has used her home printer to put a message on the inside of the cards and has list of people to send cards to.† Board approved printing of the cards with a message be done by Crow River once our supply is used up and continue sending to those making $50 contribution.

††††††††††† Contributors Prizes Fall pot Luck - Steve U. passed out a list of last years door prize contributors.† Members present updated the list and chose people they will visit for prizes. †Steve U will update the list and send it out to board members.

11) Pot Luck/BBQ Sat. August 6th - John Fink will get the pulled pork and other supplies needed for the Pot Luck.† Board members asked to gather at 4 pm to help with the set up.† John didnít think we needed a sign up list, because all board members present pitch in with the tasks at hand.† Board suggested Rick F. send out an email notice of the Pot Luck 2-3 days before the meeting.† The agenda is Social hour at 5, Dinner at 6 and Committee Reports at 6:45. There was a discussion about having some type of raffle or auction that the board will determine on the day of the Pot Luck if there are items worthy of such a venture.

12) Summer Newsletter - Rick F. will send out template with July 13th as the last day for submission of articles.† We will include a list of paid members with this and the fall newsletter.† Include article about the recent swimmers itch experienced in many areas of the lake.

13) Shoreline Restoration Project Lake Washington - Steve G reports over 2,000 plants are in, with a few yet to be delivered.† He will do an article for the newsletter about this project and his experience putting together a pumping / irrigation system for this project.

Next meeting Wednesday August 3rd 7PM Dassel Rod & Gun Club because of community gatherings on Tuesday the 2nd.


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