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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting August 3, 2011
Board Members Present:
John Fink
Ken Klehr
Lyle Walker
Pat Hanson
Rick Johnson
Milt Lueneburg
Cathy Klehr
Steve Grotbo
Steve Ullom

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.


Minutes for LWIA Board Meeting 8/3

1) Call meeting to order 7PM- by President Ken Klehr

2) Secretary's Report July 5th Board Meeting - approved for publication

3) Treasurer's Report July - Invasive Species $74,418 General fund 56,029. Sixty (60) people have donated $1230 to the Dassel Fire Department.

4) 2011 Directory Status - Crow River Printing has sent the books to binding company and are looking at completion sometime next week.

   Distribution Residents/Businesses - Suggested printing lake address mailing labels to put on each book to better track who did get the directory. Each board member will choose 6 names of advertisers to deliver a copy of the directory.  Cathy K. will be working with the Shoreline Captains to get the distribution completed as soon as possible.  This maybe accomplished by scheduling a Shoreline Captains meeting - Cathy will coordinate this effort.

   Cost $3200 plus a format charge. We have collected $3375 to date with one advertiser left to pay.

   - Steve G. will burn a CD for himself and Ken.  Steve G will also put a link for the directory on the website.

   Great Job/Best Directory Yet - Thank you to all those involved with the production and advertising to make this the best directory ever.

5) Eurasian Water milfoil Treatment/Grant - The treatment was delayed by the state shut down.  The permit has been ok’d for 68 acres, this is a reduction of a few acres because some of the area falls within the 150 foot shoreline area.  The treatment will be scheduled for as soon as we get grant approval. A $10,000 grant has been approved, but needs to get through the DNR system before we can do the treatment if we want to get this money.  A big thank you to the Invasive Species committee and Ron Bubony for all their hard work and continued surveying of the vegetation on the lake.

6) Cormorant Committee Report - They are trying to schedule another meeting with the State and Federal Officials.  We have gotten feedback from other lake associations in this region, especially Collinwood near Cokato.  There has been some good information put together about the impact cormorants have on fish populations.  Looking for MCAL to join this effort and include more area lake associations.

7) Pot Luck/BBQ Sat August 6th


   4 PM Set-up

   5 PM Social

   6 PM Pot Luck/BBQ

   6:45 Program


      Committee Reports

      Recognition Outgoing Board Member - Jen and Steve Kjell

      Door Prizes


      Questions/Answers - We will ask for volunteer to fill the open board position.

8) Secretary's Report New Format - board approved this format change.

9) Replace Board Member - at Pot Luck

10) July 1 Hail Damage/Contracts -  LWIA does give out any information or lists on any people living on the lake.  We also DO NOT sponsor and contractors that maybe looking to do repairs for home owners.

11) Newsletter - This was one of the best newsletters we have put together.

12) MCAL Update - No one able to attend the last meeting

13) Open Discussion - Cook books - several of the local businesses (where we have cook books for sale) have noted that they do not appear to be selling.  The board approved reducing them to $10 at this time.

There was a question asked if LWIA would accept ads for a church in our newsletter. The board believed we would accept such ads.  The discussion focused on the fact that LWIA does NOT sponsor any business or company that places ads in our newsletter or directory.  It was noted that we need to be sure we clearly state that these are advertisements appearing in the newsletter.

Next Board meeting will be Tuesday, September 6th, at 7PM at the Dassel Rod and Gun Club.


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