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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting October 11, 2011
Board Members Present:
Kim Winter
John Fink
Ken Klehr
Mike & Sand Wosmek
Lyle Walker
Cathy Klehr
Pat Hanson
Bill Ooley
Rick Fernstrom
Steve Ullom
Tom Hauser

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.


1)   Call meeting to order 7PM. By President Ken Klehr

2)   Secretary's Report September 6th Board meeting - approved for publication

3)   Treasurer's Report September- Milfoil treatments cost $31,206; Received $9950 grant money from DNR for milfoil treatments of traffic and recreational areas of the lake.  60 members donated $1235 to the Dassel Fire Department - Rick Fernstrom  will present this check at their fund raiser Oct. 15.

4)   2012 Eurasian class=yui-spellcheck>Watermilfoil Treatment Strategy. - Survey of treated areas two weeks after the treatment showed very good coverage and treatments appeared to be very successful.

   a.   Meet with PLM and DNR to discuss 2012 treatment strategy and refine waypoint data transfer.
      Ken K. will schedule this meeting to develop better system for waypoints and data transfer.

   b.   Shortly after Ice out 2012 begin Eurasian water milfoil growth assessments in proposed and 2011 treated area.
      Key survey members are: Bill O., Milt L., Ron Babon, Ken K. - Year to year we have had a variable and inconsistent growth pattern for milfoil.  No one knows why the growth pattern is so variable.  This year there was a sudden growth spurt in late June.  Do know 80% of the milfoil can grow 2-3 inches per day in optimum conditions.

   c.   Treat 70 acres rotating West to East start @ Stoney Point/Cliffords Addition.
      This treatment plan is based on our LVMP that we have submitted to the state for approval. We will continue to follow this plan and look at recreational and traffic areas as keys to treatments on a year to year basis.

   d.   Apply for grant money. State and County.
      Ken will send request to Meeker Co. for water quality and milfoil treatments for 2012.
      Ken K. will again apply for boat inspection grant for 2012.

5)   Cormorant Committee Status.
   In mid September Rick F. sent letters to state and national government officials and representatives. On Oct. 4 Scott Newman forwarded the letter to the DNR.  Discussion about private property owners around Lake Waconia being are able to shoot cormorants.  Cindy Mase from Lake Waconia area has submitted a bill through Rep. Collin Peterson to extend this permission out beyond private property.  Rick F. will be presenting this letter and others concerns at the MCAL meeting Oct. 20, 2011.  This letter will be in our Fall Newsletter.

6)   Fall Newsletter
   Rick F. reports the newsletter will be sent to the printer on Oct. 17.  It will be 4-6 pages and will include Lake Washington email address in the header.
   Directory update - two advertisers were unhappy because their phone numbers could not be read.  It looks like a resolution issue from the electronic copy to the printer.  We will provide free ads for Nextel in October 2011 and Wendling Ins. In the spring news letter.

7)   North Crow River Watershed TMDL 9/13 Meeting  
   Federal Clean Water Act - Impaired 303 (d) - Not Support aquatic life and aquatic recreational use.
   This meeting primarily gave overview of what the state had been doing with regards to the clean water act, the focus has been primarily on creeks and rivers, not treatments of lakes water quality.

8)   2011 Water Quality Assessment Report Review
   We will be getting Water Quality Report from PLM later this fall.  Ken K and Bill O are going to try and check the culverts in the northwest corner of the lake.  We do know a creek flows from Lake Darwin through Ray Schultz property into Lake Washington.  Ken will invite Patrick from PLM to our March meeting.

9)   2011 Review
   Ken K. compiled a list of things we did in 2011 (attached to the end of this report).

10)   2012 Goals
   Continue accomplishments of 2011, do a property owners survey, develop comorant action plan, and increase crime alert emails from 50% to 70% of people on the lake.

11)   Open Discussion
   Invasive Species decals will be required on all boats beginning next year. They are not available at this time.  Kim W. is checking around for other liability insurance providers for the board.
   Have Steve G. update and refresh the email list on the webpage for the crime alert.
      There are 374 property owners on the lake and we have delivered all but 15 2011 Directories.
   Cathy K. will send Shoreline Captains list to Steve G. to publish on the webpage.

Next Board meeting 7 PM February 14 @ John Fink's house 16427 233rd St

Lake Washington Improvement Association of Meeker Co. Accomplishments 2011

1. Formed Cormorant/Pelican Impact Committee
2. Treated 68.75 acres Eurasian Milfoil
3. Water Quality Monitoring Sampling May-September
4. Special Water testing Northwest Culvert
5. State Grants $9955
6. County Grants 2011 $4000 & 2010 $3873
7. Second Highest Membership 227
8. DNR increase Water Craft testing
9. 2011 Lake Washington Directory
10. Published three newsletters
11. Membership Meeting
   a. Annual meeting 128 attended - County Water Patrol Demonstration
   b. Pot Luck/BBQ 77 attended
12. Supported Shoreline Restoration
13. Attended Minnesota Waters-Lake and Rivers Conference
14. Supported CRP 62.2 acres Pheasants Forever
15. Updated Website
16. 9 Board meeting Feb - Oct.
17. New Board members Cathy Klehr - Sandy & Mike Wosmek -Tom Hauser
18. Member MCAL
19. Member Minnesota Waters
20. Submitted 5 year LVMP to DNR for approval


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