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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting June 5, 2012
Board Members Present:
John Fink
Ken Klehr
Mike Wosmek
Sandy Wosmek
Lyle Walker
Cathy Klehr
Tom Hauer
Rick Johnson
Steve Grotbo
Rick Fernstrom
Steve Ullom

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report: Invasive Species Fund $60,847.47; General Fund $60,083.56


1)  Call meeting to order 7PM - President Ken Klehr

2)  Secretary's May 8th Report - approved for publication with spelling corrections.

3)  Treasurer's May Report - We have $120,847.03 in our accounts.  Steve Hanson is doing the annual review and filing of paperwork necessary for our organization.  So far 41 people have donated $810 to the Dassel Fire Dept. and we have had $2,625 donated to the Invasive species fund.

4)  Summer Newsletter Mailing - Rick F. will send out the Newsletter template for committees to update information.  Asking that Newsletter Articles be completed by 7/6, with the goal of mailing them by July 13.  Rick is looking for additional advertisers.  There was a discussion about a Lake Member having concerns about political statements in our Spring Newsletter.  The board is of the opinion that we remain politically neutral, some may read things into what we try to keep just "accurate reporting" of actual happenings at meeting with outside agencies.  Ken is attempting to contact this person and clarify our position.  Steve G. is going to add information about recycling.

5)  Shoreline Captains Committee Update - Cathy K. reported the group met on May 19th at her house.  The goal for this year is 250 paid memberships in LWIA.   She has put together binders for each shoreline captains and has ordered 600 door hangers to use as reminders to those not home when the captains visit.  Cathy reported that at this time last year we had 172 members and are now at 183.

6)  Cormorants & Pelican Committee Update - Rick F. reports he is looking forward to the fish survey that will be conducted in July, although the results will not come out until early to mid winter.  Dean Urdahl contacted Rick about responses from others to the letter he had sent out earlier this year.  No one else has responded to the earlier letter.  Rick did send Cindy Mace (Lake Waconia) an email about the present status of responses to the committee’s letter sent to State and Federal individuals.   The UM is taking pictures of Pigeon Island, once the cormorants are nesting to get an accurate count of how many birds are living there.  Some have noticed smaller numbers of cormorants and pelicans on Lake Washington, but larger numbers on some surrounding lakes.

7)  Invasive Species Committee Update - The committee reported in 2011 dark water coming out of culverts in the NW corner of the lake.  This year we are having PLM do specific testing for Total Suspended Solids in this area of the lake in May, June, and July of 2012.  In July 2011 the reading was at 13mg/L; in 2010 2mg/L; 2009 2mg/L; 2008 7mg/L; 2007 5mg/L.  The normal readings are should be in the 2-6 mg/L. levels.  Our May 2012 reading was 9mg/L.
    Ken K. sent out maps on June 5th of areas LWIA is proposing for EWM treatments for this year. He shared a point intercept mapping of the lake vegetation that the DNR recently completed.  The committee determined they would focus on the areas of higher density EWM identified by the DNR, that are in or near the original areas LWIA was proposing for treatments.  These areas are primarily used for recreational or access use on the lake.  LWIA is getting together with Nick Brown, DNR Invasive Species rep., to modify designated treatment areas.   PLM will be treating these areas somewhere between June 8 and 15th.

8)  Membership Survey Committee Report - Steve has put some documents together and plans to start meeting with other committee members during the summer months.

9)  Website Activity Level, Face book, Maintenance Capability, & Newsletter email - Steve G. reports more people are responding to Face book, there are now 38 people.  Rick F. reports we can now enter new member’s information and we are current with up to date information.  Board discussed concerns some had about having their addresses published in the on line Lake Directory.  It was decided we could block out addresses of individuals that did not want theirs published and that we would restore the names and addresses of others listed in the directory.  This will restore those blank pages and lead people to the other information that follows in the directory.

10)  LWIA Clean up day - Bill Ooley is looking into this, tabled for the July meeting.

11)  Minnesota Waters Status - It appears they are going out of business at this time.  They did return our membership check that we sent in May.

12)  SWIFA Cheryal Glaeser/ Don Hickman - Don Hickman wants 5-6 people to get together and have discussions and focus groups.  They would pay about $2400 for each association to join this group.  The Board tabled this because of the time commitments required.

13)  August 4th Saturday Pot Luck - John F. will order what we need and report to the Board at the July 3 meeting.   Steve U. will send out the Pot Luck Prize list so board members can for door prize donations.

14)  Open Discussion - LWIA Board Meeting Scheduled for Aug. 7 is "National Night Out" the meeting will be rescheduled for Aug. 14.

Next Board meeting is Tuesday July 3rd 7PM Dassel Rod & Gun Club.


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