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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting October 2, 2012
Board Members Present:
Kim Winter
John Fink
Mike Wosmek
Sandy Wosmek
Ken Klehr
Cathy Klehr
Lyle Walker
Pat Hanson
Bill Ooley
Tom Hauer
Steve Ullom

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report: Invasive Species Fund $45,620.60; General Fund $59,434.13


1) Meeting called to order at 7 PM by President Ken Klehr

2) 2012 Lake Washington Aquatic Vegetation Analysis Presentation Nick Brown MN DNR Invasive Species Specialist. Vegetation Point Intercept Surveys were completed by the DNR on May 30 and Aug. 28, 2012. (Reports and Maps will be posted on LWIA website once  we get them from the DNR)  Nick reported they were looking at what the vegetation community looks like as a whole at two different times of the year.  He reported there was a slight drop in the abundance of Eurasian Water Milfoil from the May to August evaluation.  In fact this is the only plant they located in Lake Washington that had a reduced abundance from spring to fall.  He did acknowledge that LWIA chemically treated 70 acres for EWM and noted decrease in density in these areas, and areas treated in 2011, along with some other areas.  Nick stated, they have never seen eradication of EWM in areas treated specifically for EWM.  They consider it a successful treatment if the population is reduced by 80-90%.  He had no explanation as to why there would or could be a decline in abundance of EWM in untreated areas.  Nick is of the opinion that it is good business policy for PLM to retreat 25 acres in the eastern part of the lake that did not have a good kill rate after treatment this year.  He recommended to doing a Vegetation Point Intercept Survey every 5-7 years as a means of tracking the vegetation growth patterns over time.  He supports LWIA Lake Vegetation Management Plan which is to rotate around the lake treating about 70 acres of EWM every year.  He will send us the short version of the LVMP so Lake Washington can submit the most up to date information.

Nick also talked about the threat zebra mussels present to waters in Minnesota.  He stated copper sulfate will kill zebra mussels in high enough concentrations (using high enough concentrations and sustaining it over time is problematic) and it is most effective when they are in the larval stage.  Lakes using copper sulfate for treatment for zebra mussels have had very mixed results.  It appears the adults can sense the chemical in the water and will close up for extended periods of time.  He reports that lakes trying this method have found adult zebra mussels even after the treatments. Lakes and the DNR are continuing testing various chemicals and bacteria to control infestations.

For 2012 the DNR did spend 70 hours of inspection time on Lake Washington.  At Ellsworth landing they were looking for plants on boats or trailers and that live wells were emptied.  This year there was the first road side check conducted at Lake Washington.  For next year the Level One inspection hours are increased and are eligible for matching funds from the State DNR.  Also some watershed districts have money to hire someone to do boat inspections, we would need to go through Crow River.

3) Secretary's September 4th Report - approved for publication with some corrections.

4) Treasurer's September Report - Lyle reported liability insurance bill was paid, there is $11000 credit on our books from PLM until they retreat 25 acres for EWM. Lyle transferred $13000 to the savings account.  He did look at transferring $50000 to a CD but the rate change was very minimal, and it was agreed this did not make sense at this time.

5) Shoreline Captains Committee Update - Cathy Klehr is in the process of trying to fill all the positions and contacting captains with an update of status of people in their area.

6) Cormorants & Pelicans Committee Report  - Rick Fernstrom was not at the meeting, but do expect there will be an update in the Fall Newsletter.

7) Membership Survey Committee Status - Committee has a list of some questions, they are continuing to work on before presenting them to the board.  After some research, the committee is recommending that we have the surveys ready so the Shore Line Captains can deliver them in May of 2013.  This would be a huge cost savings and would assure all lake property owners received a survey.  We could make an envelope available for surveys to be mailed back.

8) Website Activity Level, Facebook - Steve Grotbo not at the meeting.

9) LWIA Clean-up Day - Bill Ooley working on Spring cleanup day.

10) Invasive Species Committee -  See Nick Browns, Mn. DNR vegetation survey report above.

11)  Brainstorm Projects & Programs Conservation Legacy Grant - Kim W. did send Ken K. some information on aerial lake surveys.  Ken will check this out when he attends the Lake Meeting at LaCrosse, WI at the end of the month.

12) Fall Newsletter - committee parts should be in to Rick by Oct. 9

13) Open Discussions -  Talked about article in Dassel Newspaper about the Fish Survey completed this year.  LWIA is still waiting for the final report and update from the DNR

Next Board Meeting February 5th 2013 - 7 pm at John Fink’s house 69427 233rd St.


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