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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting February 12, 2013
Board Members Present:
John Fink
Lyle Walker
Mike Wosmek
Sandy Wosmek
Tom Hauer
Rick Fernstrom
Steve Ullom
Pat Hanson

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report: Invasive Species Fund; General Fund   Total Funds approx. $98,000.00

PAID MEMBERSHIPS: 2012  218 members

1) Call meeting to order 7 PM - by VP Rick Fernstrom

2) Treasurer's December and January Report. -  Lyle said there was little activity and he will give a summary of Dec 2012, Jan and Feb. 2013 for March meeting.  We have the credit memo from PLM for $11,000.00 to retreat EWM from 2012.  Transferred $1500 to checking, renewed mailbox, and purchase of software.

3) Shoreline Captains Committee Update (Tabled Until March Board Meeting)

4) Cormorants & Pelicans Committee Status - Rick Fernstrom shared he has heard back from some people and that Dean Urdahl is continuing to show support for this committee.  They are looking at expanding the committee to get more people involved from the surrounding area.  They are looking for a group of 5-8 people and continue meeting on a monthly basis.  The committee hopes to continue proposing solutions and ideas we would like the DNR to consider and come to meetings with the committee, to continue a dialogue.  Some reports say 800 died last year, but not sure of that number.  When looking at foraging density: Lake Millacs was 1 nest to 80 acres - Pigeon Lake density was at 1 nest to 4 to 5 acres.  The cormorants will be repopulating in April and May, any action would be most helpful before then.

5) Membership Survey Committee Report - Steve Ullom reported there is a list of questions that the board will have a chance to see and comment on before we formalize the survey.  Goal is to have it ready near the end of May.  There was some discussion about giving out stamped envelopes for returns, also,  Shoreline Captains gather the surveys and maybe going back a week or two later to collect them.

6) Website Activity & Facebook Activity - Steve Grotbo not at the meeting.  Rick F. reported we need to renew our website hosting with GODADDY.COM.  Rick will check this out and renew it.  Discussed sending out mass email is a very easy wand to send mass messages to members with emails, Rick F and Steve G are the only ones that can do this.

7) LWIA Clean-up Day -  Spring activity

8) Invasive Species Committee Update - A Special Board meeting was called on January 12, 2013 to discuss treatment options and acreage to treat.  For 2013 approval to have PLM treat 69.07 acres and retreat 45.35 acres from 2012 and Lake Restorations from Rogers, MN treat 75.85 acres was approved by the Board.  Also, Invasive species committee purchased a software to setup a lake map for tracking, monitoring, reporting and permitting for the future.

9) MCAL Meeting 1/17/2013 (Tabled Until March Board Meeting)
       Grant Awards
       Grants 2014 Focus Redirection

10) Holding/Settling Pond Skip Sustacek (67946 217th St) Tabled Until March Board Meeting)

11) Open Discussion - It was reported the light at Ellsworth landing is not working and John F. will call Meeker Co. Sheriff about this

Tom Hauer moved to adjourn the meeting.

Next Board Meeting March 12th @ 7 PM Klehr's.


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