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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting March 12, 2013
Board Members Present:
Kim Winter
John Fink
Mike Wosmek
Steve Ullom
Sandy Wosmek
Ken Klehr
Pat Hanson
Tom Hauer
Steve Grotbo
Rick Fernstrom

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report: Invasive Species Fund $44.416; General Fund  $56,966.73

1) Call meeting to order 7 PM - President Ken Klehr

2) Dan Nadeau, Crow River Organization Of Water, (CROW) MPCA GrantLWIA Watershed - reported he has a 2 year grant for looking at ways to clean up or maintain lakes and streams by looking at an entire watershed.  He is most interested in how waters in the whole system have an impact on the Crow River.  The grant would do comprehensive study and analysis of all parts of a watershed.  The study would include all previous data of waters, vegetation, runoff from surrounding areas that drain into the watershed, and core samples of all the bodies of water.   This study would include looking at fish populations. They would look at all potential loading of the lakes, such as septic, agriculture, watershed and natural loading factors (this would involve 7 core samples from each lake).  In this grant, they did not include looking at individual culverts running into Lake Washington, but do have a tool we could use to measure flow, ph, and other factors of the water running into the lake.  Reports will be written for individual Lakes in the water sheds.  Dan is asking for all the data we have on Lake Washington.  They are asking lake associations to buy into this study at a rate of $500 for Lake Washington.  He will be the lead person in starting the dialogue with other lakes in our watershed and arranging our meeting with other lakes.

3) Secretary's February Report - minutes from Feb. 2, 2013 board meeting are approved for publication.

4) Treasurer's December and January Report - Lyle was not at the meeting but we reviewed the Dec. Jan. Feb. Financial Report.

5) Shoreline Captains Committee Update - Shoreline Captains meeting tentatively scheduled for Sat. morning May 18.

6) Cormorants & Pelicans Committee Status - Rick F reported 8 people have shown an interest in joining the committee and they are looking at scheduling a meeting in April.

7) Membership Survey Committee Report - The committee has put together a survey for the board to preview.  Steve has sent a copy to all board members.  They are asking for everyone to review the survey: time how long it takes to complete and to type in comments, corrections, or ideas they have on the form, under the question, in a different color.  We would like to take some time at the April meeting to review the survey so we can look at having it ready for the Shore Line Captains meeting in May.  It was suggested we put it on front and back, so it is only two sheets.

8) Website Activity & Facebook Activity - Steve G. reported 26 unique people have looked at our website in the past week.  He noted 35 hits on one day regarding ice houses off the lake.

9) LWIA Clean-up Day - Bill Ooley is in FL but still thinking this will happen this spring.

10) Invasive Species Committee Update - There was a special meeting Jan. 12 where the board approved treating 190 acres of EWM in 2013.  Ken has submitted permit and grant requests for this treatment. Ken is going to visit Lake Restoration 3/15 to tour their facilities in Rogers.

11) MCAL Meeting 1/17/2013
     Grant Awards - Ken reported there may be more money available for EWM treatments this year.
     Grants 2014 Focus Redirection

12) Holding/Settling Pond Skip Sustacek (67946 217th St)
     This area was reworked in an attempt to slow down runoff from across the road in 2007.  LWIA did contribute some money to this project for rocks and some back hoe work.  As it is now, this area does not meet criteria for a holding pond for drainage of the acres running into it.  The area is now divided into lots for sale by a family trust.
Ken K. will talk with Joe Norman, Meeker County, about developing a plan for this area.  Skip Sustacek, lives on the lake where this area drains into Lake Washington and will join Ken in this project.  There was some discussion about a holding pond project Orlin Ortloff worked on across the road from Ellsworth Landing several years ago.

13) Articles and Activity Dates Dockside Juliana Thill, editor of Dockside magazine.  She was looking for input from LWIA for articles in the "Dockside" magazine.  Tom Hauer will talk to them about the articles.

14) Spring Newsletter - Rick F. has sent the Newsletter template out to all board members.  All committee reports need to be completed by April 2, the next Board Meeting.  The plan is to get it to the printer by April 4 so it can be mailed out by April 19.   It looks like there will be 4-5 ads in the Newsletter.

15) Open Discussion - John Fink talked to people at the Meeker Co. Sheriff’s Dept. about the light at Ellsworth landing not working.  He will check to see if it is working.
     Steve U. received a new link from Mn Conservation call the ‘LINE’.  It has direct links to different legislation being worked on in the MN House and Senate.  He will forward it to all board members.
     Kim W. reported Butch at B&B Sports Hutchinson, wants to pay for the pork chops at our spring Membership Meeting in May.  John will write a thank you in the Newsletter for this donation.

Next Board Meeting Tuesday, April 2nd @ 7 PM Location TBD.


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