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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting April 2, 2013
Board Members Present:
Kim Winter
John Fink
Ken Klehr
Lyle Walker
Cathy Klehr
Tom Hauer
Rick Fernstrom
Steve Ullom
Mike Wosmek

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report: Invasive Species Fund; General Fund Total $98,416.05


1) Call meeting to order 7 PM - President, Ken Klehr

2) Secretary's Report March 12, 2013 minutes were approved to be put on our webpage.

3) Treasurer's March Report - Board approved Piehl, Hansen, Beckman Accounting from Hutchinson to do the necessary accounting to complete form 990 for reporting purposes

4) Shoreline Captains Committee Update Cathy Klehr has scheduled a meeting for Saturday May 18.  She is looking at having the meeting at the Dassel Rod ‘n Gun Club. Board suggested getting something for the shoreline captains, such as, a hat or tote bag.  Cathy will look at getting tote bags up to about $20 per bag for each Shoreline Captain.

5) Agenda for the Annual Membership Meeting on Saturday May 4, 2013
   4PM Set up 4:30 put the coals on
   5PM Social
   6PM Dinner (B&B Sports Hutchinson Donate Pork Chops)
   6:30 Program
      Nike Brown DNR 2012 Vegetation Assessment Lake Washington
      Committee Reports
      Board Elections 3yr term (Rick Fernstrom, Tom Hauer, Kim Winters, Rick Johnson)
      Rick F., Tom H., agreed to continue on the board,  Kim W was going to ask husband Dean if he might consider sharing this position with her, Rick J. can’t attend Board meeting but would like to continue on the Board
      Meat Raffle - Three trays tickets will be $2 each or 3 for $5.
   8PM Clean up

6) Cormorants & Pelicans Committee Status - Rick F. has been working on an agenda and scheduling a meeting for sometime in April.

7) Membership Survey Committee Report - Steve U. reported the survey questions and a cover letter will be sent to the Board members for their final feedback.  Most board members that took the survey spent 10-11 minutes taking it.  The plan is to have the surveys printed on front and back of two pages.  The suggestion is to have it printed on a color that is out of the ordinary.  Steve will talk with Crow River Printing about a color.  The plan is for the Shore Line Captains to pass out and gather/have them returned to them.  We will work with Cathy K. to set up a numbering system so we can account for who has turned in their surveys.   We anticipate having the data analyzed in time for fall Newsletter.

8) Website Activity & Facebook Activity - Rick did send out an email notice about the Rod ‘n Gun Club Fish Fry.  Rick renewed the domain license with GODADDY.COM for 4 years at $45.  Rick will send email reminder about the Annual Membership Meeting on Saturday May 4, early in the week of the meeting.  Ken K. was going to talk to Steve G about a way to make the maps on our webpage smaller and easier to work with.

9) LWIA Clean-up Day - Bill Ooley will be back in April and appears to have it under control.

10) Invasive Species Committee Update - At this point PLM and Lake Restoration are prepared to do the EWM treatments this spring.  Ken reports Lake Restoration does pre and post surveys.  The chemical being used for treatments will be 2-4-D which does cost much less than liquids used last year.

11) Holding/Settling Pond Skip Sustacek - Joe Norman from Meeker Co. Soil and Water Conservation is looking at this area.

12) Articles and Activity Dates Dockside Juliana Thill, editor of Dockside magazine - Kim W. talked to Dockside people updating them on dates for Lake Washington Association for this spring.  They have Tom Hauer’s phone number if they need more information.  He will call Julian and inviter her to our Annual Meeting.

13) Spring Newsletter - It looks like it is mostly done and he will wrap it up tonight or tomorrow and email it to Crow River for printing.  We will be including membership cards with this newsletter. Ken K will check addresses of the people i.e. local and state representatives to be sure they are current and correct.

14) Light @ Ellsworth - John Fink reports the light is working fine.

15) Budget For 2013 Lyle put together a proposed budget for 2013-14, that was approved by the Board.  This budget included projected 219 members, included estimates of treating EWM, and projected grants for these treatments.  Do know we will get a grant for $3500 from Meeker County, with estimates of around $23700 from state for EWM treatments.  Do know there is more money for Invasive Treatments from the state, but the per acre dollars are less than in the past

16) Open Discussion - Cathy K. picked up some posters about Invasive Species control, when they were at a conference in La Crosse last fall.  They are about 2 feet x 6 feet.  Some suggestions were to put them up at the landings at Ellsworth and Rod ‘n Gun Club.  We will talk with Nick Brown at the Annual Meeting about putting things up at the landings.

Next Board Meeting Tuesday, May 7th @ 7PM Dassel Rod & Gun Club


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