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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting May 7, 2013
Board Members Present:
John Fink
Ken Klehr
Mike Wosmek
Ron Bubany
Steve Ullom
Sandy Wosmek
Lyle Walker
Cathy Klehr
Skip Sustacek
Pat Hanson
Rick Johnson
Tom Hauer
Rick Fernstrom

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report: Invasive Species Fund 43,986; General Fund 61,102     Total 105,088


1) Call Meeting to order 7PM - President Ken Klehr

2) Introduction of New Board Members - Ron Bubany 3 year term; Skip Sustacek 2 year term

3) Secretary's April Board Meeting Report - approved for publication on the website

4) Treasurer's April Report - The forms have been submitted to the state for our 501 (c) 3. The audit was completed by Piehl, Beckman, Hanson Accounting.  Approved the treasurers report.

5) Review of 5/4 Annual Meeting -  There were 108 people at the meeting. Nick Brown did a nice job of sharing the information he gathered last summer on the vegetation survey of Lake Washington.  Is was interesting to hear about the DNR’s concerns about cleaning of their nets and equipment they use to do testing and sampling between lakes.  Also discussed the new rules and fines the DNR are proposing to get stricter about emptying water from boats coming out of lakes and cleaning off vegetation at the landing.  There appear to be some fisher people that go from lake to lake that don’t want to do the draining of boats when leaving a lake.  The food was exceptional, thank you John.  The Board wanted to make a special acknowledgement of Dean Winter for all the help he is to LWIA during our gatherings.

6) Shoreline Captains Committee Update - Meeting scheduled for Rod ‘n Gun May 18th 10-11:30 am.  Cathy will have coffee, juice and donuts.  Steve U. will be there to help share information about how we will be doing the Lake Surveys.  Cathy ordered canvas bags with the LWIA logo embroidered on them for the Shoreline Captains.  Cathy has some information about Renee@EmbroderyPlus, and that she was willing to make shirts, bags, hats, etc. for LWIA.  There was a discussion about having these different items as fund raiser.  This idea was tabled until June meeting.  Asked Cathy K. to put together a proposal that will answer the questions about what Renee needs, check with Steve Grotbo about setting up a program on our website and do we want to be the ones in the middle of ordering.

7) Cormorants & Pelicans Committee Status - Rick F. has scheduled the first committee meeting for May 9 at his lake home.  They will look at the Vermillion proposal and treatments for this year.  Lee Sunmark. wants to meet with the committee to share the results of the fish surveys completed last year.  As a group the hope is to identify the problems cormorants and pelicans pose to the local fish populations and have Lee be part of brainstorming ideas to address the concerns presented by the cormorants and pelicans.

8) Membership Survey Committee Report - The surveys are printed on bright yellow with a cover letter.  These will be passed out at the Shoreline Captains meeting, May 8th.  The Shoreline Captains will use Memorial Day weekend as kick off date and they will keep track of who returns surveys.  Board members will be asked to step up in June and July to contact people who have not turned in surveys.  The hope is to get a 70% return rate.  We will begin tallying the surveys once we start getting them in and there will be a report published by the Survey Committee some time this fall.  The goal would be to get it ready for the fall newsletter.

9) Website & Facebook Activity - Steve G was not at the meeting tonight.

10) LWIA Clean-up Day - Tabled this  until next year and maybe coordinating this with local towns cleanup day.

11) Invasive Species Committee Update  - The committee will be going out on the lake within the next 7 - 10 days.  The DNR has notified us they will be paying $100 per acre for grant money this year.  Plan is to treat 191 acres, but will know more about the total once committee starts surveys.  Do know the ideally the water temperature for treatment needs to be 54-59 degrees.

Zebra Mussel Monitoring A W Research - After looking at the cost of this monitoring program the committee determined it would not be worth the money of doing monitoring.

12) Holding Settling Pond on southwest part of the lake - Joe will have a survey compiled by the end of May, and will have a proposal together by June 1.

13) Financial Report 2013 May 1, 2012 thru April 30, 2013 - Lyle presented a financial summary for Year ending April 30, 2013. 

LWIA yearend position -

  Cash position 4/30/2012     111,424.78              Income y/e 4/30/13    35,298.21

  Cash position 4/30/2013     105.088.37              Expenses y/e 4/30/13  41,634.62

  Decrease in cash               6,336.41              Exp. over Income      -6,336.41

Board approved this summary.

14) LWIA Special Newsletter Mailing List (See Attachment) - Not all Board members received this attachment so tabled this until the June meeting.

15) Open Discussion - There was a conversation about burning at the lake.  Some thought you needed a burning permit that you would get from the DNR, but no one was sure of this.

There was a question about what happened to the Spring Fling.  Some Lake Associations involved with this didn’t do their follow up or necessary planning so it was dropped.

Next Board Meeting Tuesday, June 4th @ 7PM Dassel Rod and Gun Club.


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