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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting February 4, 2014
Board Members Present:
John Fink
Mike Wosmek
Sandy Wosmek
Ken Klehr
Lyle Walker
Cathy Klehr
Tom Hauer
Ron Bubany
Skip Sustacek
Rick Fernstrom
Steve Ullom

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report: Invasive Species Fund 31,540.00; General Fund 63,465.00


1) Call Meeting to order 7PM: President Ken Klehr

2) Treasurer's Oct-January Report: Board approved treasurers reports submitted by Lyle Walker, from Oct., Nov., Dec., Jan.  Board authorized Piehl, Beckman, Hanson Accounting to do financial review and file state and federal paperwork that is required for year end reports.

3) Shoreline Captains Committee Update: Cathy is looking for 2 Captains on the South East part of the lake. There will be an annual Shoreline Captains meeting in mid May. The focus will be on getting up to date member email addresses, so we can email Summer and Fall Newsletters to those choosing to get them.  Spring Newsletter will be mailed with membership cards and return envelopes.

4) Cormorants & Pelicans Committee Status: January 23, 2014 The Committee met with local and state DNR officials, where they presented data focusing on the latest fish data collected last summer.  They were more analytic, looking at fish sizes and populations. The DNR will be doing another fish survey on Lake Washington and some surrounding lakes again this summer, getting the data to us sooner and looking at a more comparative analysis of fish numbers and size over time.  They suggested the Committee look at how the cormorants and pelicans impact other birds in the rookery area.  The DNR suggested this would provide more and better information on the cormorants’ impact on this area.  They did ok the Committee doing water quality testing on Pigeon Lake this summer to better note the impact cormorants have on water quality in the watershed.  Rick will schedule a meeting with the various groups that look at bird population numbers in and around Pigeon Lake (DNR, UM Researchers, etc.) to begin a discussion on the effects cormorants have on other bird populations in the area.

5) Membership Survey Committee Report: In the process of doing data analysis with the goal of having it completed for a report at the Annual Membership meeting.  The person helping compile the data has been invited to present at the Annual Meeting.

6) Website & Facebook Activity: Steve Grotbo not able to attend the meeting.

7) Invasive Species Committee Update: Ron Boubany designed a program to analyze the vegetation data as it is collected by the Committee when on the lake.  The program produces a spread sheet with all the data we use to have to enter by hand. This data can be used with other programs to compare and chart vegetation trends on Lake Washington. The Committee will be collecting data on all vegetation, enabling us to look at growth patterns over the years.  The Committee presented a lake map showing Milfoil treatments for 2011-2013 and with a projection of treating 70 acres in the northwest part of the lake in 2014.  They will be contracting with PLM to do the treating.

8) Watershed Committee Report: Skip S. reviewed plans for the holding pond project for that has been under consideration for the SE corner of the lake. The latest plans shared with the board expanded the project to better slow the water flow and filter out sand and phosphorous from the run-off from the land across the road. The area is presently a designated wetland.  There were some questions from the board about what the benefits are and who would be paying for the long term maintenance of the filters on this project. The project is under discussion with the owner, neighbors, Meeker County Soil and Water, and Lake Washington Improvement Association.  The board did approve $2500 for the Committee to use on this project, but did want answers to questions about long term maintenance costs and ownership of these costs.

9) Watercraft Inspection Committee: Tom H. has begun the process of looking at how money’s are allocated for Watercraft Inspections.

10 MCAL Board Meeting: January meeting was cancelled due to weather. The next meeting is in April.

11) Review Ad costs at $40 1/4 page, $60 1/2 page, and $80 full page: Looking at the cost per newsletter ($600-700) with ads bringing in from $240-300.  The board decided to keep the ad pricing the same, with the suggestion we can increase the money we bring in from ads by trying as a group to get more people to advertise in the newsletter.  We know the cost for mailing will be significantly less for summer and fall as we will be emailing only to what we hope is a large number of people.

12) Projector to be use at membership and board meetings: Tom H. found a projector we can use with laptops for projections during meetings.  He demonstrated it at this meeting and it worked very well.

13) Board Elections May

Pat Hanson, Steve Grotbo, John Fink, and Ken Klehr are up for reelection for the Board in May 2014. At this meeting, John Fink was considering not to continue on the Board.  Ken Klehr agreed to continue to be on the board.

14) Open Discussion: Ken Klehr presented the following 2014 Proposed Projects and Grants for Lake Washington Improvement Association of Meeker Co.


LWIA 2014 Grants Proposed


Project $


Total Grant $

Our $

Water Quality Sample

(PLM water quality testing)





EWM Treatment





EWM Treatment

Included in above

MN State




(CROW Watershed Project)





Holding Pond


Meeker Cty



Pigeon Lake

(water quality testing)

















Tuesday, 7 PM, March 4th Board Meeting @ Mike & Sandy Wosmek 68457 233rd St.


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