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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting May 6, 2014
Board Members Present:
Ken Klehr
Mike Wosmek
Sandy Wosmek
Skip Sustacek
Lyle Walker
Mary Braaten
Cathy Klehr
Rick Fernstrom
Pat Hanson
Tom Hauer
Ron Bubany
Steve Ullom

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report: Invasive Species Fund $33,993; General Fund  $67,792


1)  Call Meeting to order 7 PM - Ken Klehr, President

2)  Secretary’s April Board Meeting Report - Correct to read March report, approved for publication

3)  Treasurer's April Financial Report  - Lyle presented the Financial Report for year May 1, 2013-

April 1, 2014.  He has final numbers for the year to submit to Hanson, Piehl so they can prepare the year end report and final necessary paperwork to the state.  Board approved Cathy Klehr as the second signer on the checking account.

4)  Shoreline Captains/Membership Committee Update - Cathy has a meeting scheduled for May 17 from 10-11 am at the Dassel Rod 'n Gun Club.  She will hand out literature on boating, AIS, frogs, purple loose stripe.  She still needs several more Shoreline Captains.

5)  Cormorants & Pelicans Committee Status - Rick has not heard from DNR Fisheries or Bird people.  There will be another fish survey done in 2014.  There is grant money to do water quality testing on Pigeon Lake this summer. PLM was suggested. Rick will contact PLM about when and what kind of water testing they would suggest we do for this one time test.

6)  Membership Survey Committee Report - Are in the beginning stages of written analysis of the survey questions. We will write a summary statement, identify needs, and then board action for each part of the survey. Board approved sending Caroline Ullom $100 gift card, as a thank you to her for all the time she spent working on the summary of the survey

7)  Website & Facebook Activity - Steve Grotbo out of town.

8) Invasive Species Committee Update - The plan for 2014 is to treat 70 acres of EWM.  The committee is getting ready to begin vegetation surveys.

9)  Watershed Committee Report - Skip reported that Ahlgren bought a lot across the road to manage run off from his land.  They are waiting on an engineering plan to meet with the contractor, sign paperwork, and move ahead with the project.

10) Watercraft Inspection Committee - Boating brochures were passed out at the Annual Meeting.  Shoreline Captains will be passing out these same brochures to property owners.  Tom reported we should sign up for the boat inspection program for next year is December at a cost of $16.00 per hour that is reimbursed at 50% by the DNR.

11) MCAL Board Meeting April 17th moved to May 1 -  no one able to attend next meeting in July.

12) Spring Newsletter -  Board members are asked to bring ideas of ways to improve newsletter format to the June meeting.  Some discussion about how we can use the newsletter as a way to provide feedback on what we are doing with the information we gathered in the survey.  Look at how we can better use the newsletter for education and communication.

 Mail Brochures with newsletter - This was too costly to put in with the newsletters.

13) LWIA Annual Membership Meeting Saturday May 3rd @ Dassel Rod & Gun Club - There were 118 people that ate dinner at the meeting.  This is a very good turn out.  Caroline Ullom’s power point presentation of the survey questions was outstanding.  Her presentation was very informative and practical in its analysis of the data we collected in the survey. Discussion about placement of the screen, Ken K. will check with the Rod 'n Gun Club about cost sharing a pull down screen that could be put in the front of the room near the kitchen.  We did run a little short on pork chops, do know 90 lbs. were ordered, suggested we order more for next year.  Mary Braaten will check with John F. about the orders from previous years.

14) Communications & Public Relations - Ron B is set up with Meeker Co. Sheriff’ Dept. to get and then send out crime alert emails. There was some discussion about needing to use a carrier to send out these crime alert emails.  Ron checked with GO Daddy our carrier but they are unable to help us send these out. As a back-up Don Hoversten has offered to send out all LWIA emails through his business at no charge. Ron B is suggesting to continue with in house emailing of these notices.

15) Open Discussion - Rick Brown, DNR Invasive Species Specialist, notified us there is legislation being proposed for Meeker Co. to receive about $240,000, for the next 2 years. Not sure of focus for these dollars, but believed AIS, with inspections is the goal.

State of Water Conference - Ken & Cathy Klehr attended this statewide conference May 1 and 2.  They attended meetings on watersheds and how they divided up through the state, with water quality testing as primary focus. Invasive Species focus is on bio-mass, which is the given mass of vegetation in a given area.

Lake scaping is still a big issue with regards to shoreline protections and doing soil sampling to know what will grow in those areas is important.

Ray S. from near the end of 233rd St. contacted Ken K. about LWIA helping to get gravel on the landing near there. Ken K. passed this on to Meeker Co. Commissioners and they passed it on the DNR, but no one is taking ownership.

Chris Rice from Hutchinson, DNR called about LWIA helping to pay for port-a-potty at the Ellsworth Landing.


Next Meeting June 3, 7 PM Dassel Rod 'n Gun Club


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