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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting October 7, 2014
Board Members Present:
Ken Klehr
Mike Wosmek
Sandy Wosmek
Lyle Walker
Cathy Klehr
Pat Hanson
Tom Hauer
Ron Bubany
Skip Sustacek
Rick Fernstrom   
Steve Ullom

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report: Invasive Species Fund $36,150; General Fund   $72,637


1) Call Meeting to order 7 PM- President Ken Klehr

2) Secretary’s September Board Meeting Report - Approved for publication on the website.

3) Treasurer's September Financial Report - Lyle noted $852.00 has been paid out for the water testing on and around Pigeon Lake and we will be reimbursed for this from grant money. Collinwood Lake did contribute $300 for this testing. Also we will be paying $13335.98 for the holding pond on the southwest corner of the lake.  Skip S. will check with Joe for Water and Soil about the money they will be reimbursing us for the holding pond. We did get $500 from Ellsworth Township for this project.  Seventy seven people contributed $1775 to the Dassel Fire Department which we will be presenting to them in October.

4) Open President Position - Ken K. has sent out a memo of the major tasks he has been involved with for others to take over. Mary Braaten has agreed to do the grant writing and over see project monies. Ken will ask Mary Braaten about being a representative on the MCAL, if she can’t Rick F. will do this. Still looking for someone to take on responding to Info@lakewashington.

5) Shoreline Captains/Membership Committee Update - Cathy K reported the Shoreline Captains are continuing to do outreach and based on previous history there may be a few more memberships coming in. Cathy K. reported there are 320 homes on the lake, with 61 properties across the road from the lake.  There are 178 full time residents, with 99 of them being members. There was some discussion about how can we increase the number of LWIA memberships, currently 57% of the people on or across from the lake are members.

6) Cormorants & Pelicans Committee Status - Rick F. reported he is asking Lee Sundmark to meet with the committee to talk about the latest data.  Rick noted that the 0-14 inch fish populations have dropped for the past two surveys and the walleye count is the lowest it has ever been. The committee will be asking: What is the cost per bird to do depredation? And What were the cleanup costs for 2012?   The water testing showed higher rates, but not enough for concern based on PCA standards.

7) Membership Survey Committee Report - The first summary report is included in the Fall Newsletter. We will be doing follow up reports next year focusing on membership, runoff, and benefits of membership.  The focus will be on providing information to answer questions or concerns noted in the survey. The focus is on showing what LWIA board is doing to address these issues and what property owners can do to help.

8) Website & Facebook Activity - No report at this time, Steve G. was not available.

9) Invasive Species Committee Update - No milfoil was found in Lake Washington during any of the vegetation surveys done in 2014. The Board approved continuing water quality testing by PLM for 2015. The committee will get quotes for treating 70 acres of milfoil in 2015 per our lake management plan.  Ken noted grant applications must be submitted by the end of February.  He will share information with Mary B. about this.

10) Watershed Committee Report - The project started in September with completion set for the end of this year when they do a dormant seed planting.  Skip noted we will be emphasizing the changes the farmer across the road made to the drain tile outlets and how they will reduce the flow of nutrients and soil into the holding pond area. There will be an article with pictures of this project in the Spring Dockside Magazine.

11) Watercraft Inspection Committee - Tom H. is monitoring what the county is doing with the additional invasive species funds they will be receiving for the next two years.  He will be looking at asking Meeker Co. and the DNR for additional monies for inspections.

12) Communications & Public Relations
    Fall Newsletter - A majority of the articles have been submitted for the Fall Newsletter. Once complete, Rick will send it to Ron B. for editing and putting it in the publication format. When sending the newsletters to Crow River Publishing we will notify: Mark Theis about using Crow Rivers mailing permit for postage, asking them if they can print the addresses on the front of the newsletters, and get them ready for mailing by folding and securing them.  This printed newsletter is only going to people requesting them, our VIP list, and businesses that donated prizes for our Pot Luck in August.

13) Overhead Projector Dassel Rod & Gun Club - Ken K. is talking with Chris Hansen about LWIA buying the screen and the Rod ‘n Gun Club putting it up.

14) Open Discussion

This is the last Board meeting for 2014.

Next Board meeting Tuesday, February 3rd 2015 At Mike and Sandy Wosmek’s house 68457 233rd St.


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