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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting June 2, 2015
Board Members Present:
Ken Klehr
Mike Wosmek
Sandy Wosmek
Lyle Walker
Cathy Klehr
Pat Hanson
Tom Hauer
Ron Bubany
Skip Sustacek
Steve Grotbo

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report: Invasive Species Fund $39,353; General Fund  $74,496


1) Call Meeting to order 7 PM - President Ken Klehr

2) Meeker County AIS Committee Update Leo Bauer, Lake Manuella & Gene Putzier, Lake Stella - Shared a chart of projects and where monies are going.  They started with $101,000 and identified areas to focus on 1. Education 2. Management and Control 3. AIS Specific Enforcement 4. Water Equipment and Decontamination 5. AIS Inspection Program and Miscellaneous.  They budgeted $85,400 for these programs and set aside $20,000 as an emergency fund in case of a zebra mussel infestation. The grant money for 2015 will increase. The state is expected to pay approximately $120,000 in June and match that amount in December. They have limited projects to a total of $8,000, with the lake paying 50% of the cost.  The committee will be sending out applications for grants later this year with the due date being by November. The AIS monies can only go toward invasive species.  MCAL has separate money to be spent for other water projects in Meeker Co. The AIS Committee has set a priority to award upwards to $2,000 to lakes in the county that have never asked for any form of grants before. The Committee is meeting in July to look at how to allocate the new money coming in between now and December.  All the grant money they have for this year is allocated. They have contracted with Crow River to put together a booklet for the Meeker Co. AIS Committee detailing what they do, who they are, and how the money is being spent.

3) Secretary's May Board Meeting Report - May meeting minutes approved for publication on the web.

4) Treasurer's May and Annual Financial Report - Lyle reviewed income and expenses including newsletter and annual meeting expenses. The Year End Financial Summary by Piehl, Beckman, Hanson was reviewed. Lyle reported they electronically filed the Federal Filing and he filed the state of Minnesota forms with the $25.00 filing fee.  The Board approved the filing of these forms for fiscal year ending April 30, 2015.  MCAL annual membership of $20.00 and Minnesota Conservation annual membership of $200.00 was approved by the Board.

5) Membership/Shoreline Captains Committee Update - Cathy met with the Shoreline Captains on May 23 with nine people attending. There are 18 total Shoreline Captains positions, with three more needed. 50 Thank you's sent out to members donating $50 or more.

6) Cormorants & Pelicans Committee Status - Rick F. was not at the meeting and Ken K reported: They met with the Hutchinson DNR fisheries and others from different parts of the state. They were well prepared with the fish survey data from 2012 and 2014.  They compared these to other parts of the state to similar lakes and looked at the hallo of lakes around Pigeon Lake. The interpretation is that there is not a difference in fish populations on Lake Washington when compared to other similar lakes. The cormorant and white pelican population counts based on the UM report, found similar numbers to past years, about 2600 nesting pair of cormorants.  They are looking at scheduling another meeting in the future.

7) Website & Facebook Activity - Steve G. reported logged on to our website over the past month. There were 73 likes on Facebook. Steve G. is working on posting all previous newsletters we have electronically on our website.

8) Invasive Species Committee Update - The committee is going out Thursday to do a vegetation survey.  The first water samplings have been sent to the lab.  Ron B has several people around the lake putting cement blocks in by there docks checking for zebra mussels.

9) Watershed Committee Report - Skip was not at the meeting.  Word has it they are looking at the cost of the drainage tile head costs.

10) Watercraft Inspection Committee - We have not received a contract from the DNR at this time.

11) Communications & Public Relations - Ron B would like the July Newsletter be mailed out on or before July 17, for that to happen he needs all articles to be turned into him by June 29th.  We will include a list of all paid members and will send this newsletter out electronically, resulting in many fewer needing to be printed.

12) Update New Water Quality Test Procedure - The group has been out three different times with Dean and Ken doing the water sampling.

13) Committee Assignments Organizational Review - tabled until the next meeting.

14) Election of Officers - Following were elected by the Board

   President - Ken Klehr, Vice President - Rick Fernstrom, Secretary - Steve Ullom, Treasurer-Lyle Walker, Membership Chair- Cathy Klehr

15)   Open Discussion - Ken will check with Conservation MN about meeting with our Board.  They are asking to meet with us.  The Board talked about the impact Fishing Clubs and Tournaments have on boats coming from other lakes and how we could provide them information/education about our concerns as a Lake Association

Next Board meeting Tuesday, July 7th @ 7 PM. Dassel Rod & Gun Club


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