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Special Zebra Mussels Meeting August 20, 2015

8/20/15  7:00 PM

American Legion, Litchfield, MN

Lakes/Organizations Represented: Stella, Washington, Ripley, Minnie Belle, Koronis, Crow River Organization of Water, Meeker County AIS Committee

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS), with a focus on zebra mussels.

In Minnesota, approximately 236 of 11,842 lakes have zebra mussels.

The University of Minnesota has a program in place to research and manage zebra mussels.  This is led by Dr. Michael Mc Cartney.

As of this date, three zebra mussels have been found in Lake Stella.

A search has been conducted on Lake Washington, but no zebra mussels have been found.

As docks and lifts come out of the water this fall, it will be important to inspect for zebra mussels.  Contractors with Lake Service Provider (LSP) designation have been trained and permitted by the DNR to inspect.

One zebra mussel was found in Clearwater Lake in Wright and Stearns counties in July.  At that time, a meeting was called with Wright, Stearns and the DNR.  As a result, dusk to dawn inspections have been taking place at the public water access.  Clearwater Lake has moved from a "protection" to "containment" lake.

Four newspapers in Meeker County have messages regarding AIS.

Educational materials are available from the DNR.

On Green Lake, decontamination has been amped up by the DNR.


A camera system is available that will "talk" to folks as they are coming and going.  It will provide information about AIS and importance of boat inspections.  The cost is about $7,000 for the capital and $1,500 per year for the data subscription.

Inspections at the boat landings with both Lake Stella and Lake Washington.

Mailings to all boat owners or households in the county.  Possibly obtain the Dockside magazine mailing list.

Meeker county AIS has set aside emergency funds that can be applied for.  Applications will go out October 1 and are due November 15, 2015.

Meeting adjourned 8:46 PM


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