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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting October 6, 2015
Board Members Present:
Ken Klehr
Mike Wosmek
Lyle Walker
Steve Grotbo
Cathy Klehr
Rick Johnson
Tom Hauer
Steve Ullom
Ron Bubany
Skip Sustacek
David Rathe

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report: Invasive Species Fund $40,054; General Fund  $75,058


1) Call Meeting to order 7 PM - Ken Klehr, President.

2) Secretary's September Board Meeting Report - approved to publish on our website.

3) Treasurer's September Financial Report - There were no significant changes since October. To be paid are the water sample costs from RMB and the tile head work.  Lyle will present Dassel Fire Dept., at their annual pork chop dinner on Oct. 10, with a check for $1860 from donations we collected over the course of this year from 73 people.

4) Membership/Shoreline Captains Committee Update -Cathy reported there are no significant changes and she is working on contacting new people on the lake.

5) Cormorants & Pelicans Committee Status - Ken K reported the committee met with the Fisheries from Hutchinson on September 21.  Rick F. presented an interpretation of the fish survey data that has been collected over time, showing a decline in fish numbers. The DNR presented their interpretation of the most recent fish survey results form 2014.  They noted the fish populations on Lake Washington remain within the norms when compared to other lakes in our region.  They do not believe the cormorant population on Pigeon Lake are a significant factor in the fish numbers in surrounding lakes.  The will be do fish assessments in 2016 of all or most of the the 'Halo' lakes around Pigeon Lake. The Board wanted to know if we can work with the DNR to get them to stock Lake Washington with fingerling walleyes versus just 'fry' every other year.  Lee Sundmark did add that northern populations are increasing in some area lakes and maybe a factor that needs to be considered when looking at what is affecting fish populations of walleye.

6) Website & Facebook Activity - Steve G. posted the article about zebra mussels being found in Stella and resulting designation of Washington as being infested, on our website. This seems to have increased the hits to our website, with an average of 4 per day and 88 likes for October.  Steve G has posted some new pictures on our Facebook.

7) Invasive Species Committee Update - Ken K. reported we will be asking for a permit to treat 70 acres for milfoil in 2016. Vegetation surveys this year have found no milfoil in Lake Washington.

AIS Research Center Showcase - Dave R. attended this conference at the UM where AIS species were talked about that included: fish, plants, invertebrates, and microbes.  They propose to train volunteers as AIS 'detectors' and 'trackers' (citizen detectors). The zebra mussel committee is just getting started and is trying to get a handle on the growth and spread of zebra mussels.  Nick Phelps is modeling the whole state of MN and how zebra mussels are spreading.  At this time the best predictor appears to be boat traffic in proximity to Lake Minnetonka.  The studies on how to use natural means for treating milfoil and zebra mussels is continuing. Dave R. noted this workshop was sponsored by 4-5 Lake Associations and he suggested we might want to consider being a sponsor.

8) Watershed Committee Report - Skip S. reported the four intakes on the Ahlgren farm have been installed. Skip and Joe (Meeker Soil and Water) are looking at possible sites we might consider working on for improving water quality, two are on 215th St. and one on the north side.  Based on a question at the lake picnic about the condition of the dam, he contacted the DNR and found out the dam was last inspected in 2007, at that time it was rated to be in very good shape.

9) Watercraft Inspection Committee - Dave R. has an article in the Fall Newsletter detailing the particulars.

10) Communications & Public Relations
    Fall Newsletter - Ron B. reported he will be sending the Newsletter to the printer on 10/7 with the idea of mailing out to members on 10/16.  Once Ron has it completed he will email it out and Steve G will post it on our website.

11) Water Quality Testing - Ken Klehr wrote an in-depth article, for the newsletter, detailing the water quality testing results from May - September 2015. In reviewing the water quality testing from site #101 (near the center of the lake) and #209 (near the inlet from Stella), he shared the lake data from RMB trend analysis showed the data from for 2007 - 2015 within parameters that would be expected for lakes similar to Lake Washington.  Ken noted site #209 is at the inlet from Stella and we are most likely testing their water.  For 2015 Ken K. proposed we continue to do secchi disk readings at five sites, but only do water quality testing at site #101. The Board talked about doing water quality testing at only site #101, generally most agreed with this proposal, but also wanted to seriously keep into consideration the pre and post testing of areas we have concerns about runoff or water quality concerns around the lake.  Once we have identified problematic areas of concern we would use the testing to demonstrate the improved water quality after completion of projects around the lake.

12) Ron's Fishing Contest - see the newsletter for pictures and winners.

13) 2016 Grant applications - Ken K. has the following grant applications: Milfoil treatments - Meeker AIS, State DNR, MCAL / Watercraft Inspections, Talking signs - Meeker AIS / Watershed - MCAL, and Meeker Soil and Water

14) Financial Support Sign Dassel Rod & Gun Club - Rick Johnson talked about the Rod 'n Gun Club not putting up a sign on Hwy. 12.  But he also talked about the calls and research he has done to try and get street signs on Hwy 12 that can be read before the upcoming intersection, this should be considered a major safety factor. We tabled this to get more information and put it on the agenda for the spring members meeting.

15) Lake Management Plan Update - Dave R. will be working on updating this over the winter

16) Open Discussion - Ron B. set up a meeting, 10/9/15 @ 10 AM his house, with a company that develops floating islands to help improve lake water quality.

Next Board meeting Tuesday, Feb. 2nd, 2016  @ 7 PM @ Mike and Sandy Wosmek's


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