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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting April 5, 2016
Board Members Present:
Ken Klehr
Mike Wosmek
Sandy Wosmek
Cathy Klehr
Lyle Walker
Pat Hanson
Tom Hauer
Ron Bubany
Rick Fernstrom
Steve Ullom
David Rathe

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report: Invasive Species Fund $66,103 ; General Fund $40,590         


1) Call Meeting to Order 7 PM  President Ken Klehr

2) Secretary's March Board Meeting Report- approved to be published on the website.

3) Treasurer's Feb & March Financial Report -Lyle W. reported little action for these months.  Board approved renewing the Post Office box in Dassel.

4) Membership/Shoreline Committee Update - Cathy K. reported the Shoreline Captains meeting scheduled for May 21, will be at her house.  She has added one Shoreline Captain.

5) Cormorants & Pelicans Committee Status - Rick F. has emailed Scott Mackenthun, DNR Fisheries Hutchinson, about meeting with the Committee sometime in May. Scott agreed and Rick will work to get as many as possible area lakes to be at this meeting in Hutchinson at the DNR office.

6)Website & Facebook Activity-Tabled Steve G. not at the meeting.    The following are things that should be put on our website: Lake Management plan - when approved; ice out dates; link to Meeker Co. Sheriffs Dept. - Ron B will check with Meeker Co Sheriffs Dept about crime alerts updates.

7) Invasive Species Committee Update-LWIA is applying for a permit to treat 70 acres of EWM in 2016. The first vegetation survey will be in May.  New DNR area coordinator is Allison Gamble.

Dave R. found a diagram for making the zebra mussel detection plates.  Mike Wosmek is going to make 6 of these plates, that can be put around the lake.  Dave will assist with gathering data from these plates during the summer.  Mike McCarthy, UM, is doing a work up study on monitoring zebra mussels spread in MN lakes.  But at this time he has no money (grants) to do a study on the spread and monitoring of Lake Washington.

8) Watershed Committed Report - Skip S. reported the holding pond on southwest corner is looking good.  Also, Joe Morgan, Meeker Co. Soil and Water is looking at areas that contribute to runoff into Lake Washington and meeting with landowners in the following areas: 1. Southside near Ellsworth Landing, the Carlson farm is looking at ways to reduce runoff into the lake.  2. The culvert near the campground and one on the North side of the lake near the outlet into Washington Creek.

9) Watercraft Inspection Committee - Tom H. wrote an article that was put in area newspapers and the Spring Newsletter explaining the I-LIDS monitoring system that is being installed at the Ellsworth Landing.  The time line is to have it installed before fishing opener.

10) Communications & Public Relations -  Newsletter Articles need to be into Ron by 4/6. He has most of the Newsletter complete and ready to be published.
  Annual Meeting
    4 pm Set up - 5pm Social - 6 pm Pork Chop Dinner - 6:30pm Introduction
    Thank you’s; Committee Reports;
    Speaker - Scott Mackenthun DNR Fisheries (Rick F. will contact him).
    - Election of Board Members
    We will have 3 Meat Raffles - 8pm Clean up.
  Mike and Sandy W. reported B & B Sports of Hutchinson is paying for the pork chops. They asked to use a vendor in Hutchinson to keep things local.  LWIA will alternate buying pork chops from Schroeders and Hutchinson vendor going forward.
  Discussion about having the Pot Luck Dinner on Friday night so as to not conflict with Twine Ball Day in Darwin.  Board approved making this change and Rick J. confirmed we could have the Rod ‘n Gun Club on August 12th.

11) Water Quality Testing - Ken K. reported we will be using the same system as last year for water quality testing.  Ken is in the process of developing a plan to do water testing for holding ponds and lake inlets using Best Management Practices.

12) 2016 Grant Applications- Ken will check with the State to verify there is grant money for chemical treatments for 2016.

13) Financial Support Sign Dassel Rod & Gun Club - Dassel Rod and Gun Club know that we support this effort if they so choose to go forward with it.

14) Lake Management Plan- Discussion about changes made to the plan, Dave R. will update the plan and present it at the next meeting.

15) Budget 2016-2017 - Lyle W. presented 2016-17 budget for LWIA trying to match grants to expenses.  At this time he did not include State grant money, because it had not been confirmed. Lyle estimated our income for this fiscal year to be $31,200.00 (with 210 memberships) and expenses of $31,500.00.  There was a discussion about total monies in our accounts and if the board should consider lowering the annual membership dues.  With uncertainty of AIS costs, other outstanding costs, and the fact one large AIS treatment could cost us a significant amount (with little or no state matching grants) and the fact we are ready to send out membership notices the board chose to look at this issue in the Fall and make a decision then.

16) Piehl, Hanson, Beckman Financial Review and Government Reporting 2015-2016 - The Board approved payments for financial review and government reporting for fiscal year ending April 30/2016.

17) 2016 Up For Election: Rick Fernstrom choosing not to continue on the board at this time., Ron Bubany - agreed to serve another 3 year term, Tom Hauer - agreed to serve another 3 year term, Rick Johnson - choosing not to remain on the board and we need to fill Ken Klehr’s position for one year - retiring at this time.
  At the Annual Meeting May 7th the membership will need to elect three (3) new board members:
  1 to fill out Ken K term of one year and 2 new members for 3 year terms. New Board members would be expected to start their term at the June 2016 Board meeting.

18) Open Discussion - An Archery group is looking at holding a carp shooting tournament on Lake Washington in the near future and is asking LWIA to donate prize money.  The Board approved donating $150 for this cause provided we can get feedback on how many pounds of carp they take out for this tournament.

  Cathy K. is putting together a list of people that live on or are lake view residents on Lake Washington and then breaking this data down into the following categories: permanent year round residents and those that are seasonal.  Presently she has fire numbers for 361 places on the lake (297 lake front) & (64 Lakeview).  Her records indicate there are 182 permanent year round properties at this time.

  Reviewed and updated VIP mailing list

The Board determined the Next Board Meeting will be May 10 @ Dassel Rod ‘n Gun Club 7:00 PM


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