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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting September 1, 2016
Board Members Present:
Mike Wosmek
Pat Hanson
Tom Hauer
Ron Bubany
Skip Sustacek
Steve Grotbo
Steve Ullom
David Rathe
Sharon Daniels
Dean Shaner
Mark Johnson

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report: Invasive Species Fund $45,093.83; General Fund $69,456.27


1) Call Meeting to Order 7 PM - by President Steve Grotbo

2) Secretary's August Board Meeting Report - approved for publication on the website.

3)Treasurer's August Financial Report - 6 new memberships brings the total for this year to 208.  Three ad payments for the summer newsletter were received.  Two ads remain unpaid.  On the expense side, the cost of printing and mailing the newsletter by Crow River Press was $551.95.  $2,105 was paid for the I-LIDS annual operating expense of $1,530 plus two additional parts for the unit totaling $575.  Total funds as of August 31 are $114,550.10 with no unpaid bills on hand. Board approved this report.

4) Committee Reports:

Aquatic Invasive Species:
    Water Quality Testing/Vegetation Survey - Water quality testing was completed for August and will do a final testing in September. The water in the holding pond and at the outlet to the lake has been tested. The testing company RMB) is asking for $200 to do a written analysis of these samples. No one on the board specifically knew what the numbers provided really meant.  Mark Johnson volunteered to look at the numbers and try to better understand what they mean in terms that we can understand.  There was a discussion about getting a better understanding of what the numbers mean that RMB are provided us.  Steve G. will share RMB’s link to the board, Mark will look at what these numbers mean for Lake Washington and help us better understand them in context to the water quality of the lake. The board would like to develop written reports that are meaningful and developed to be understood that can be published on the website.
    Vegetation Survey - work group is planning a vegetation survey in September with the DNR.  They are waiting to hear from Scott M about what date this will be.
    I-LIDS/Watercraft Inspection - Skip S., Mike W, and Tom H helped Dave reinstall the I-LIDS unit on the east side of the landing. Dave R. reports the camera is working better, and the video is clearer and much more steady, with less sun glare. The goal of this project is to heighten awareness of boaters using the Ellsworth Landing.
    Cormorants & Pelicans - Scott Machentun sent out an invite to a meeting he is planning for the end of September. We are waiting to hear from him the date of this meeting.  He has agreed to write an article for our fall newsletter.
    Zebra Mussels - - Mike W. is going to collect the 11 inspection plates the first part of September. He and Dave R will check the plates report back to the board and write an article for the Fall Newsletter.

Watershed - Skip S.reported the 90 degree pipe they worked on earlier this summer is working well to slow the flow of runoff into the lake. They are looking at an intake on 213th St. that sticks up in the ditch and when it rains the water is very muddy. Skip talked to farmer and landowner where the culvert runs into the lake. They are going to wait until after the crops are off to look at water flow through the culvert before exploring options. Skip will begin looking at a culvert behind the campground road.  Skip S. has some concerns about the algae in the holding pond and will look at what we can or should do regarding treatment.

Membership / Shoreline Captains - Cathy K. wasn’t present. There are now 208 LWIA members.  It was noted there are quite a few new property owners that are potential new association members.

Education & Public Relations:
    Fall Newsletter - Cathy has 3 ads for the newsletter, any new ads must be print ready when sent to Ron B.  ALL ARTICLES ARE DUE TO RON BUBANY BY OCTOBER 6.
    Website, Facebook, and Email Activity - Steve G. reports we have 130 likes on our Face Book. The website is getting about 4 visits per day, this is less than during the middle of the summer.

Social Committee - Dates for 2017 Annual Members meeting is May 7 and Pot Luck is August 5. Lyle Walker will contact the Rod ‘n Gun Club to reserve these days.

Financial - Grants - Sharon D. will be applying for MCAL grants when they open in Oct.  She reported the grant applications are due sometime in November. Sharon talked to Joe Norman (Meeker Co. Soil and Water) about DNR grant applications, he suggested we work with MCAL. Joe also talked about LWIA having a 5 Year Plan when applying for grants.  We should show 1. what our needs are 2. How over the next 5 years we plan to address our needs.  Joe gave Sharon information on sites to look at and how to write a plan.  Sharon is working on getting our total cost information to MCAL.

MCAL - Representatives/meeting dates - As part of our 5 year plan it would be nice to let Pat H. know of any questions or concerns we have that she can take to the October MCAL meeting.

5) AIS Meetings

Aquatic Invaders Summit 2016 in St. Cloud  October 5th and 6th at River’s Edge Convention Center. $165 per person payable on or before Sept. 14, 2016 - Sharon D. is looking at attending this meeting.

2016 Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research and Management Showcase.  Mon, Sep 12 at 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, Saint Paul, MN. tickets are $43 + $7 for parking - Dave R. has signed up for this conference and Dean S. is considering attending.

6) Open Discussion - Dean S. talked with Scott M (DNR Fisheries) person about the cormorant population on Pigeon Lake and the numbers needed to declare them a problem. It seems these numbers are set very high before action can be looked at.

Next Board Meeting Scheduled for 7 PM October 6th at Dassel Rod & Gun Club


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