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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting October 6, 2016
Board Members Present:
Mike Wosmek
Pat Hanson
Tom Hauer
Ron Bubany
Cathy Klehr
Skip Sustacek
Steve Grotbo
Steve Ullom
David Rathe
Sharon Daniels
Dean Shaner
Mark Johnson
Lyle Walker

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report: Invasive Species Fund $45,177.00  General Fund $68,109.00


1) Call Meeting to Order 7 PM - President Steve Grotbo

2) Tim Plude DNR Rep (optional item depending on whether he is able to make it). Tim not able to attend this meeting. He did send a preliminary fish survey report, he will send us a full report later this year.

3) Secretary's September Board Meeting Report - minutes from September meeting approved to be published on the website.  Note to put the Oct. minutes on the web page in a timely manner, once minutes are approved by seven board members we will post it on the website.

4) Treasurer's September Financial Report - Lyle reported our annual liability insurance ($1438.00) was paid in September, this premium includes insurance on the I-LIDS system. Lyle will be getting $1885 contributed by 68 members to the Dassel Fire Dept.  Of note 99 members contributed to the Invasive Fund.

5) Aquatic Invaders Summit 2016 in St Cloud - Sharon D. attended this two-day seminar. She reported Amy Klobuchar sent a video that was very relevant. If we have an issue at the Federal level, it seems Amy would be someone we would share this with.  Sharon reported with regards to AIS MN motto is Clean+Drain+Dry, Canada’s is Clean+Drain+Dry+Dispose.  A point of interest to many is where does the waste taken off water craft get disposed. There was much talk about ‘what is our "rapid response plan" for AIS.  Lake Washington’s plan is to report findings to the DNR. Question: Is that the best and only response we can make? She found out Meeker County is paying for inspectors to be at the Ellsworth Landing Friday, Saturdays, Sundays beginning May 17. There were lots of question about Decontamination and whether it is really effective cleaning out inside boats and motors. There are people looking at designing boats and motors that can more effectively be cleaned when leaving an infested lake. Sharon brought many names and contact information for people on the Federal, State, Regional, and local level.

6) 2016 Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research and Management Showcase at UM - attended by Dave R. and Dean Shaner. Dave reported zebra mussel (ZM) can be eradicated BUT in a very limited localized small isolated lake area. Treating ZM can be harmful to fish populations, and other good aquatics in the water. There are still many questions about treatments and what success really is.
    Adam Doll - is looking at boats and motors that hold water, that can potentially transfer ZM from lake to lake. Presently there are no controls to clean and dry internal areas of boats and motors. They are collecting water from water craft to more carefully examine water left in motors and boats.

7) Committee Reports

Aquatic Invasive Species:
    Water Quality Testing/Vegetation Survey - Dave R. completed water testing and secchi disk readings for September. He will have a more complete report in the Fall Newsletter.  Ron B. reported a vegetation survey was completed and no milfoil was found.  He noted there were very few plants in general.  The survey includes identifying all the vegetation found in each sample.
    I-LIDS/Watercraft Inspection - Dave R. will be taking the unit out towards the end of Oct.  He reports the unit is working much better in the new location and from reviews of the tapes it looks like people are paying attention to cleaning off boats, motors, and trailers. The 2017 cost will be $1875, which includes 4,400 videos. Eric owes us for a magnetic sensor.
    Cormorants & Pelicans - (September 27th meeting with Scott Mackenthun) - No new information was shared, the decision to not act or provide any support for the ‘halo’ lakes Scott did get permission from his boss to write an article for our fall newsletter from their perspective.  We did make it clear that the Lake Association will be writing a rebuttal to this article in the Spring Newsletter.  Dean Shaner shared information on the Federal Lawsuit that has been moving forward that addressed ways of limiting cormorant over population.  The judge ruled at this time in favor of those opposing this lawsuit, issuing an order to stop any depredation of this species at this time. Also, of note the US Fish and Wildlife to do not accept the numbers of cormorants that are reportedly on Penguin Lake, even if the numbers come from the UM. There is another case moving through the courts.
    Zebra Mussels - - Dave R. and Mike W. found 3 zebra mussels on the 11 inspection plates when they pulled them from the lake. Dave is taking two of them to the UM for DNA testing providing a permit to transport is received from the DNR. They were found along the Northwest shoreline.  Someone just south of the culvert reported 10 zebra mussels on their dock and lift when they took it out this fall.  Dave and Mike plan to put out the inspection plates in the same areas next year, as a way to look at where and how fast they spread.

Watershed - Skip brought an experimental model, designed by Meeker Co. Soil and Water, that is designed to slow down the water flow from a culvert on the east side of the lake, behind the campground. Skip reported, the intake near Ellsworth landing they are working with the land owner and will look to do something once the crops are off the fields.

Membership / Shoreline Captains - Cathy K. reported there are about 5 new owners that they will be trying to contact about membership. We have 209 association members at this time.

Education & Public Relations:
    Fall Newsletter - Ron has most of the articles and ads for the newsletter.  He will be sending it to Crow River Printing soon so it can be mailed out around Oct. 20th.
    Website, Facebook, and Email Activity - Website is getting about 3 hits per day, Facebook has 137 Likes.

Social Committee - Association Members Annual meeting May 7, 2017
    Pot Luck Dinner August 5, 2017

Financial - Grants (5 year plan) - Sharon will have grants in by due dates of 10/31 and 11/7.  She needs number of parking spaces at the Ellsworth Landing.  She is going to meet with Joe Norman, Meeker Co. Soil & Water, about what needs to be in our 5 year plan.  Steve U. has started a document that follows our Lake Management Plan with details of volunteer time and money we need to accomplish our goals and complete the strategies we have identified in our management plan.  Steve will update information and send it out to all board members for feedback, editing, and updates for this 5 Year Plan.

MCAL - Representatives/meeting dates - Pat H. and Dave R. are our representatives; the next meeting is scheduled for Thurs. Oct 20.  Sharon Daniels is planning on attending.

8) Open Discussion

Next Board Meeting February 7, 2017 @ Steve Grotbo’s House

The board President will determine if there is ample need to have this meeting.


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