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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting July 6, 2017
Board Members Present:
Sandy Wosmek
Lyle Walker
Cathy Klehr
Mike Wosmek
Dean Shaner
Pat Hanson
Ron Bubany
Tom Hauer
David Rathe
Skip Sustacek
Steve Grotbo
Steve Ullom
Sharon Daniels

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report: Invasive Species Fund $54,303 General Fund Total $127,245./51

Paid Memberships: 182

1. Call meeting to order 7 PM - by President Steve Grotbo

2. Secretary's June Board Meeting report -approved for publication on the website.

3. Treasurer's June Financial Report -
   Income: Membership $1150, Invasives $485, Dassel Fire $185, Cookbook $10
   Expense: State of MN $25, Conservation MN $200, Piehl, Beckman, Hanson $395, Conference Expense $175, Postage/Admin. $20.79
   Dave R will get information to Lyle about who to send the $5000 the Board approved last meeting to support zebra mussel study by Dr. McCartney at UM.

4. Committee and Project Groups Assignment Review - All Board members were good with the latest posting of assignments.

5. Invitation to Host Community Water Meeting - Dave R. forwarded an email he received on Governor Dayton's 25 for 25 Program. The focus is to increase rate of improving water quality by 25% by 2025, as reported by the MPCA. Board decided to host a Water Meeting at our Pot Luck Dinner. Dave will get the conversation guide from the MPCA and we will share our feedback as appropriate.

6) Committee Reports:

Aquatic Invasive Species:
   A. Water Quality Testing - Dave R. reported most recent seechi disk reading was 4.5 feet, water quality testing will be done in about one week for July.
   B. Vegetation Survey - 1. Mark J. reported they pulled a sample of Eurasian Water Milfoil during our May sample. After reviewing the picture that I took (zoomed in) I concluded it was not - my eyes... so good news. However we did find curly-leaf pondweed at two waypoints as reported at the June board meeting.
      2. On June 17th, Ron and I did a follow up rake sampling of the new areas where curly-leaf pondweed were found. No additional curly-leaf pondweed was found. This was published in the newsletter.
      3. Next sampling will be done in late July. Ron B. reported vegetation samplings show less vegetation in general compared to past years.
   C. I-LIDS/Watercraft Inspection - Dave R. reported the I-LIDS unit is working fine. Eric from the manufacturer is going to send a new controller, that Dave will install. He will increase the volume on the controller and adjust the start and stop times of the recordings.
   D. Cormorants & Pelicans - We have a list of copper sulfate providers that is included in the Newsletter. We are not seeing as many cormorants on the lake lately. We will continue to keep cormorants information current regarding lawsuits status, including what information we have in the fall Newsletter.
   E. Zebra Mussels - Dave R. has no reports of any sightings have been reported to him thus far this year. At our spring meeting, Dr. McCartney did talk about how Lake Washington may not be ideal for suitability for zebra mussels to prosper. Will need more time to see how they impact our lake. The board did get an email from someone wondering about doing a suitability study of our lake. The Board feels with the hotels around the lake we are gathering data that will help us understand zebra mussels impact on the lake, providing good data that will look at suitability of Lake Washington for zebra mussels.

Watershed - Skip S. reports lots of work needs to be done over by the Ellsworth Landing: the DNR, Townships, and property owners need to be involved with the cleanup. Skip is working on connecting with all stake holders to begin the cleanup process.

Membership / Shoreline Captains - Cathy K. reports we have 182 members. Shoreline Captains have been reporting contacts for this year to prepare for updating the directory.

Education & Public Relations:
   A. Summer Newsletter - Ron B. reported the Newsletter was sent to the printer on July 6th. Steve G will put the newsletter on the website this weekend.
   B. Website, Facebook, and Email Activity - Website is averaging 4 hits per day. 153 Likes on Facebook. Noted he promoted "Rock the Dock" event over the 4th of July weekend that many people attended.
   C. New Directory Update - Mark J. sent the following information:
   1. I got cost estimates for printing 550 manuals.
   a. Black & white pages with colored covers $3,575
   b. All color pages with colored covers $5,347
   c. Additional cost for all color is $1,772. Does the board approve an all colored directory?
   2. Based on the cost of all colored directory, I recommend the following price structure for ads.
      Ad Type - Price - Quantity - Total
      Half Page Ad - $100 - 20 - $2,000
      Full Page Ad - $160 - 17 - $2,720
      Front Inside Cover - $250 - 1 - $250
      Back Inside Cover - $250 - 1 - $250
      Back Outside Cover - $250 - 1 - $250
      Total Ads - 40* - $5,470 *based on 2011 Directory
   Does the board approve this price structure? One thought on pricing, is if an existing advertiser is on the fence on paying $100 for a half page ad, then we offer a quarter page ad at a negotiated price.
   3. Next steps
   a. July: I am looking for volunteers to help me contact existing advertisers to give them first opportunity for new ads for the 2018 Directory. Please email me if you can volunteer. Solicit existing advertisers, Obtain ad files and collect fees.
   b. August: Solicit new advertisers to fill the void (I have a few noted already), obtain ad files and collect fees.
   c. September: Determine what advertising tasks remain to be completed and finish.
   The Board had some questions about the all color feature of the directory. Tom H. was going to check with Crow River Printing and Mark about exactly what this means. There has been an email chain that clarified what all color means and would be the choice of the board. Also felt the back outside cover should be $500, because of visibility. Consensus of the Board was to have 1/2 page ads as minimum. There was some discussion about getting a post card or something on that order with the ad prices that we can take with us when contacting previous and future advertisers for the directory.

Social Committee - Sandy W. is in the process of deciding what kind of meat she will prepare for the Pot Luck Dinner. Steve U sent out the Door Prize list from last year with individuals that contacted the various businesses. Board members were encouraged to seek out new businesses for a door prize. The Board determined the agenda does not need to include committee reports as they were covered in the July Newsletter.

Financial / Grants - Sharon reported she found a great app that helps track grants and application status. She applied for a grant that was due 6/10/17, Wendy Crowl (DNR) wrote back the fund was gone. Sharon contacted Kristine Coats (MCAL) about the $5000 we are contributing to Dr. Mike McCartney's (UM) study of zebra mussels and if this would be considered for some reimbursement. If we pay this out before July 17th and bring them a copy of check showing our contribution they would put it on their July 20th agenda. Lyle W. send Sharon a copy of the check.

7) Open Discussion - A reminder of the MN Aquatic Invasive Species on September 13 at UM St. Paul Campus.

Next Board Meeting 7 PM Tuesday August 8 at Dassel Rod n Gun Club. This is the second Tuesday as the first Tues is 'National Night Out'


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