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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting February 8, 2018
Board Members Present:
Sandy Wosmek
Mike Wosmek
Cathy Klehr
Mark Johnson
Pat Hanson
Tom Hauer
Skip Sustacek
Ron Bubany
Steve Grotbo
Steve Ullom
David Rathe

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report: Invasive Species Fund $59,109.13 General Fund $68,797.97

Paid Memberships: 214 for 2017

1) Call Meeting to Order 7 PM - by President Steve Grotbo at his house.

2) Secretary's October Board Meeting Report (already approved via email Oct. 2017)

3) Treasurer's October 2017-January 2018 Financial Reports - the board approved the following reports.
   Oct: Income: $200 is for 4 memberships - 3 for 2017 and one prepaid 2018. The 2017 membership stands at 213. $260 is for 2 directory ad payments. Expenses: $320 payment for the Dassel Rod & Gun Club 2018 rental agreement covering our May and August dates, and monthly board meetings. $1,845 is the payment to the Dassel Fire Department for the 68 member contributions through the LWIA. $280 is payment to RMB for their water testing and analysis. $549.09 is payment to Crow River Press for printing and postage for the fall newsletter.
   Nov: Income: one 2017 membership. Directory ad payments were $520 in November; $1,290 has been received in total. Two fall newsletter ads were paid totaling $120. A donation was received from Solo Dock in Wayzata after a customer purchased a Solo Dock on Lake Washington.Expenses: none paid in November.
   Dec: Income: 8 directory ad payments were received in December totaling $1,190.00. Through December 31, the total amount collected was $2,480.00. A grant request payment of $2,412.87 for culvert work and H2O testing was received. Expenses: Cathy Klehr for $53.91to cover admin expenses for Shoreline Captains and miscellaneous.
   Jan: Income: We received LWIA's first 2018 membership and 5 directory ad payments. Expenses: Order for checks and deposit slips from the bank. Available funds January 31, 2018 are $124,907.10

4) Lake Contour Mapping Project with new GPS - Ron Bubany is planning to chart the contours of the bottom of the lake, using LWIA's new GPS. So far Mark, Dave, Mike, Dean, Ken have volunteered to drive a boat for this mapping survey, Ron is looking for others to volunteer. Ron B. shared a lake map showing 30 points that he will use to chart the lakes contour. He has designed this survey to chart a square area around these points. He will be able to take the information and up load it to a program that will put all this information together ending up with a whole lake contour map. He estimates about 3 hours per point and it will take most of the summer to complete the survey. Ron shared examples of the survey route a boat would take to get the information needed to complete a survey of each square area. He will begin this survey as soon as the ice is out beginning in the littoral areas before vegetation has a chance to become too dense.

5) Aquatic Invaders Summit III - Feb28-Mar 1 in Minneapolis - Early registration discount due date was February 10. A reminder to board members attendance at this meeting is paid for by LWIA.

6) Committee Reports:

Aquatic Invasive Species:
   A. Water Quality Testing - Will start testing in May.
   B. Vegetation Survey - Members of the committee were out in Oct and didn't find any milfoil. They will do surveys once the vegetation has time to start growing this summer.
   C. I-LIDS/Watercraft Inspection - Dave R. and others plan to install around May 1st for sure he would like to have it in before the fishing opener. Dave R. reported Jeremy L. DNR Parks and Trails is the contact person for our permit for the I-LIDS, which we have is good through 2018. Eric Lindberg from Environmental Sentry Protection needs to get liability insurance information to Jeremy L at the DNR.
   D. Cormorants & Pelicans - Dean Kraemer has been trying to set up contact meeting with the DNR. Rick Fernstrom is the contact person for LWIA.
   E. Zebra Mussels - Dave R. and Mike W. have no news at this time. They will continue LWIA monitoring by again this year placing the hotels in the same places around Lake Washington and monitoring them throughout the year.

Watershed - Skip S. reported LWIA will finish up cleaning up the ditch on the east side of Ellsworth Landing. This area needs to be worked up and seeded.

Membership / Shoreline Captains - Cathy K. reports we have one new membership for 2018. She has been talking to Shoreline Captains about getting the lake property owners information. Cathy has completed a spread sheet with all the lake addresses from around the lake. She is close to getting corrected names and addresses to Mark J for the directory.

Education & Public Relations:
   A. Spring Newsletter - Articles for the Spring Newsletter are due to Ron Bubany by March 26 with the goal of sending newsletters out by April 16. Lyle W. will send financial report on 3/31 for the newsletter.
   B. Website, Facebook, and Email Activity - Steve G. reported on average we are getting 3 hits per day on our website. With 169 Facebook members. Diane Bonniwell emailed asking information about ownership of a property near their lake place, Steve G. will send her Steve U phone number.
      Google Chrome is warning us that our website is not safe. Steve G. will check with GODADDY about getting a SSL certificate to meet Google's requirements to make our website safe. Dave R. is looking to update our water quality testing data that is on our website.
   C. New Directory Update - Mark Johnson shared a mock up copy of what he has so far. For the overall layout he is using the Lake Management Plan as he formats each section. Costs he has projected are 500 copies of 144 page directory would cost $4800-$4900. At the present time we have $4500 committed for ads, Mark would like to get about 7 more ads. Mark's timeline is the get online copy to Board members by the end of February or first part of March for everyone to review. Steve G. will help him get this posted. Mark wants to get the final copy to Crow River Printing by April 1, with the goal of getting them to the Shoreline Captains by mid May for distribution.

Social Committee - May 5th is booked at the Rod 'n Gun Club for the Membership Meeting. For a speaker we are going to have Mark Johnson talk about the new directory. Dave Rathe will share what we know about zebra mussels.

Financial / Grants - Sharon D was not at the meeting. She will update us at the next meeting.

MCAL - Representatives/meeting dates - Pat Hanson attended the meeting: Adam Kaping spoke promoting his Landscaping and Creative Curbing. The AIS person for our area is Eric AIS Committee is paying $500 per year for water quality testing. Meeker Co. grants were awarded after the meeting. They are asking for more details in the applications for grants. A Prairie Restoration project is in the works. Also there was some conversations about what permitting maybe required for various projects they approve.

5) Open Discussion - We need to be sure to put a notice in the Spring Newsletter that 215th Street is going to be under construction beginning on May 15th for one week. This will be from Ellsworth Landing to the west. Two cars were found and removed from the lake this winter: One was a 1986 to 1991 Ford Taurus reported stolen in 2003. The other was a Ford Ranger that went thru the ice this winter.

Next Board Meeting Scheduled for March 6 - 7 PM at Mark Johnson's house 69523 233rd Street Dassel, 952-687-1950


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