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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting May 1, 2018
Board Members Present:
Mike Wosmek
Sandy Wosmek
Lyle Walker
Cathy Klehr
Pat Hanson
Dean Shaner
Ron Bubany
Sharon Daniels
Skip Sustacek
Steve Ullom
Mark Johnson

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report: Invasive Species Fund $58,114.97 General Fund $74,106.81

Paid Memberships: 90

1) Call Meeting to Order 7 PM - Vice President Mike Wosmek - reminded members to facilitate a timely meeting and keep the focus on the agenda, we keep our conversations on topic, give our attention to the person talking and save side bar conversations with others until after the meeting.

2) Secretary's April Board Meeting Report - approved to be published on the website

3) Treasurer's April 2018 Financial Report - Lyle W noted April 30th is the end of our fiscal year. He will be sending LWIA financial information to Peihl, Beckman, Hanson so they can complete Federal and State filings for 2018. On the income side: 88 membership dues paid $4400.00, 47 people donated $1890.00 to Invasive Species fund, 33 contributed $1135.00 to the Dassel Fire Department, $120 for ads in the Newsletter, and $300.00 for Directory ads. Expenses: $490.00 Hosting Pro renewal, $113.42 directory expenses, Spring Newsletter $588.00, Admin expenses $62.29

4) Information on old dam - Steve U has been in contact with Jason Boyle, DNR, about concrete structures remaining from the original dam built in 1933. He will update the board as new information is available.

5) Committee Reports:

Aquatic Invasive Species:
   A. Water Quality Testing - Dave R. reported to have received the forms from MN pollution control, so will be able to start soon on secchi disk readings. Still need to receive testing kit from RMB labs for phosphorus and chlorophyll testing.
   B. Vegetation Survey - Ron B reported vegetation survey will begin sometime in early June. The will have a pretty good idea of the vegetation as the mapping is being worked on.
   C. I-LIDS/Watercraft Inspection - Dave R reports we are not able to put up the unit yet as Eric is still working on installing the magnetic sensor.
   D. Cormorants & Pelicans - Dean Shaner reported he had received a phone call and letter from Scott M. (Hutchinson DNR) office regarding Dean's article in the Spring Newsletter. Scott expressed concern that he didn't know we would be publishing this article. Dean will contact Scott and offer him the opportunity to respond in our Summer Newsletter or we could publish the letter he sent to Dean.
   E. Zebra Mussels - Mike W. reported the hotels will go in around Memorial Day and be taken out on Labor Day.

Watershed - Skip S reported he and Dave R. took a drag to the ditch area smoothing it out. Skip is in the process of waiting for the seed to come in. He is looking to clearing up the ditch some more before planting. Skip is planning a work session some time next week. He will let those willing to help what and when the work is scheduled.

Membership / Shoreline Captains - Cathy K. reported we have 90 memberships at this time and expect to get many more at the Annual Membership meeting on May 5. 42 of these members have donated $50 or more for AIS or Dassel Fire Department. She will send Thank You notes to those members. The Shore Line Captains meeting scheduled for May 19 at 9:30 will be at Cathy and Ken's house. She will have all the directories boxed up with current updated lists. Cathy worked with Ron B. on updating information for paid memberships on a monthly basis. This information would allow Cathy to update Shore Line Captains more often during the year.

Education & Public Relations:
   A. Summer Newsletter - Ron B. will have it ready to send out by the middle of July. Articles will be due around June 20th and he will let us know the exact date.
   B. Website, Facebook, and Email Activity - (Tabled) Steve G. was not at the meeting.
   C. New Directory Update - Mark reported the directories went to the printer yesterday and were assured they will be ready by May 19 for the Shore Line Captains meeting. There were some issues with color, specifically the black Mark used in his copies, this has been resolved. There were $5000.00 in ads sold and we haver received $4400.00 so far. Mark ordered 600 copies and from what he can tell the total directory costs will be less than the $5000.00 in ads. Will know more once the directories are printed.
   D. Lake Mapping - Ron B. is working on fine tuning the process and how to use the data he is able to collect, at this time he is watching the weather and notifying boat volunteers when he is able to go out. He is able to identify many things on the bottom of the lake, so far some very large boulders. The Board is no sure what the outcome of this will look like and how to share this information with property owners. They will continue this discussion once there is more data and how to present this information to others.

Social Committee - Skip is picking up the pork chops and will have them at the Gun Club by 3 pm. Sandy W will be getting groceries and have everything ready by 4:45. Skip will be running the meat raffle.

Financial / Grants - Sharon reviewed the grants we have been awarded to us this year. She noted an MCAL grant for $2000.00 was for projects undefined. There is new grant process at MCAL and Sharon will meet with Pat H. for updates to this process. Sharon reminds us to keep track of any and all in kind hours we spend doing LWIA projects.

MCAL - Representatives/meeting dates - Pat Hanson, Sharon Daniels, Dave Rathe. The next meeting is in July.

6) Open Discussion - Dave R.would like to see us hire someone to do an under water search around/near Ellsworth landing for early detection of AIS. One business that advertises this capability is Limnopro Aquatic Science. The board tabled this until Dave R can share his thought about this subject with the Board.

Next Board Meeting Scheduled for June 7th at Dassel Rod and Gun


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