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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting June 4, 2019
Board Members Present:
Mike Wosmek
Sandy Wosmek
Lyle Walker
Cathy Klehr
Pat Hanson
Cindy Hewitt
Ron Bubany
Skip Sustacek
Steve Grotbo
David Rathe
Sharon Daniels
Laurie Johnson

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report: Invasive Species Fund $64,324.90, General Fund $72,463.99

Paid Memberships: 199

1) Call Meeting to Order 7 PM - by President Steve Grotbo

2) Treasurer's May 2019 Financial Report - Lyle W. reported Income $4,950.00 Memberships, $353.36 from B&B for pork chops for Annual Dinner, $272 meat raffle at Annual meeting, $740 to DFD (total of $1785.00 by 70 people so far this year), $1,282.47 donated from sales of sweatshirts, $50 donation, (total of $1,040.00 to Invasive Species fund by 32 people), Expenses $629.48 Annual meeting, $105.96 Admin Expenses. M/S/C to approve financials as stated.
   Other items of concern by Lyle: Annual Accounting Report: State and Federal obligations are that the board has a "Resolution" approved by LWIA accounting firm of Piehle, Beckman and Hanson, Hutchinson, MN. This resolution must be filed with the State of MN and with the Federal Government. State fee is $25.00 and Federal fee is $0.00. Lyle will file both. M/S/C as approved.
   Minnesota Conservation: wrote to us asking us to renew our membership which is based on membership numbers. Renewal cost is $200.00. M/S/C as approved to renew.
   University of MN / MAISRC: This organization is working with ideas to help eliminate Zebra Mussel, Starry Wort, and other AIS problems. They sent a "thank you" to LWIA for donating $5,000.00 in 2018 and the second part of their letter was asking us to donate this year as well. We also donated $5,000.00 in 2017. The board tabled this until the July meeting.
   Fire Fighters PTSD: They sent a letter asking for a donation. LWIA already donates to Dassel Fire Department. Board decided not to donate to this organization.
   Thermal Fisher Scientific: This organization has sent two checks to LWIA. Lyle W said one was for $25.00, other for $50.00. We do not have any indication of who this company is, and the board chose not to cash the checks nor respond back to them.
   Coalition of Lakes: This is an organization of many lakes that meet together and discuss lake problems. They requested dues to be paid. This was tabled until next meeting.

3) Secretary's May Board Meeting Report - By Steve U: Approved by the board for publication on website

4) Secretary's May Annual Meeting Report - By Steve U: Members Meeting/Pork Chop Dinner May 4, 2019- 97 people attended the annual Membership meeting. The Board honored Tom Hauer and Dean Shaner for their service on the Lake Washington Board of Directors. The following were elected to 3 year terms on the Board of Directors: Sharon Daniels, Ron Bubany, Cindy Hewitt, and Laurie Johnson. Cathy K. welcomed members that have moved onto the Lake in the past year. She hosted and chaired Shoreline Captains meeting on May 18 at her house. Steve G. showed us a color-coded depth map that all property owners will get this year. Also LWIA memberships will receive a laminated map booklet.
   Tanner Stevens, Assistant Supervisor at the Hutchinson DNR Fisheries Office, talked about the Walleye and Anglers Survey they are conducting for the next 3 years including Manuela, Stella, and Lake Washington. He noted the walleye population on Washington has been on a decline the past 15 years, especially when compared to the gill net study from 2001 when a record high catch was observed. The DNR will be looking at the percentage of walleye being harvested and their movement between lakes. Tanner said that during the capture and tagging portion of the study, the DNR set 13 large frame trap nets on Washington, 6 on Stella, and utilized nighttime electro shocking on Manuela, Stella, and Washington. In total, the Hutchinson DNR office tagged 1800 walleyes combined from the 3 lakes. 1200 were on Washington with half of those fish coming from the 2017 year class in the 10-12 inch. The largest walleyes captured were 28 inch females. 450 walleyes were tagged on Stella that were mostly large adults. Tanner noted it was a bit unusual to see such a large grouping of similar sized fish on Washington. He explained the tags: they have a 4 digit number on them and MNDNR phone number of the Hutchinson office. The DNR is asking people who catch a tagged fish to call their office with the following information: tag number, fish length, capture date, and if you harvested the fish. He noted it was not feasible or fiscally possible to award prizes for those participating in this study. When asked if the study was a good use of tax payer dollars, Stevens recited a figure from a USFWS survey that a fishing trip by people local to the lake can add about $50 to the economy. He also noted that study costs, tags, fleet, and employee time are paid out of the Fish and Game Fund, entirely funded with license dollars and federal excise taxes on angling sporting goods rather than from general fund tax dollars.
   Because walleye tend to do better in turbid waters, the DNR will be attempting to compare populations prior to zebra mussels and present water quality conditions. Research across the walleye's North American range note that walleye have preferred conditions relating to light levels/transparency as well as temperature. As waters clear, whether naturally or from the introduction of invasive species, temperature increases and habitat components change, in some cases making lakes less favorable for walleye. Stevens noted that with the introduction of zebra mussels to a body of water, research shows a large upward trend in numbers initially then a drop off in numbers to a more mid-level stable population. Regarding cormorants effect on fish populations, Tanner shared they tend to eat what is easiest to find/catch. The recent increased DNR fish surveys have not seen a drop in the total biomass of fish in Washington, nor fluctuations in abundance that are outside of normal cycling of fish populations. Regarding stocking of walleyes: Washington has been on a schedule of stocking fry every 2 years (estimated at about 1.5 million), they are considering cutting the stocking rate in an attempt to get larger fish to survive, also to stock using local genetic fish (have been stocking with northern strain) - the Crow River walleye strain may be more adaptable. He did note that the 2017 year class population was a very good year and should show up in this summer's gill nets and increase the total net catch. The 2018 crop looked good but was not sampled well enough yet to know for sure. They will continue the every other year stocking schedule. There were questions about stocking larger fish (they have a better survival rate) but you are also putting many fewer fish in the lake. They see stocking as a bonus to the native fish reproduction and viability. Also, the cost increases when stocking with larger fish and is deemed to not be as cost effective. Tanner reported netting did not find a large number of carp, they did find a few in the 30-36 pound range. Washington is judged to not be an ideal pike lake, but the fish are present in a mix of sizes. The Hutchinson DNR office is finishing the pan fish survey in May. Thus far they have netted over 1,000 blue gills and many 20 inch small mouth bass. Summer gill net and trap net survey will occur in late July, and there will be some special yellow perch netting in September and walleye young-of-year electrofishing in October. (updated by Scott Mackenthun)

Board member stated that a member at the meeting questioned why the board did not request nominees from the floor when voting for board of directors. It was explained that the by-laws state that once the meeting begins then the election process cannot ask for nominees from the floor unless a person requests to be nominated prior to the meeting beginning. The by-laws are on the website if anyone would like to review them.

5) Board Member Election Result: Congrats to Sharon, Ron, Cindy and Laurie. Cathy Klehr mentioned that she will be withdrawing her position as Membership Chairperson. Board will discuss at the July meeting.

6) Election of Board Officers: M/S/C as approved: President: Steve Grotbo; Vice President: Mike Wosmek; Treasurer: Lyle Walker; Secretary: Steve Ullom

7) Garbage can at Ellsworth Landing Price should be $33.60 per month. Kristy Rice (DNR) from New Ulm office called on Friday (31May) to say she contacted Waste Management. Waste Management is accessing this and should have word back this week with exact pricing.

8) Lake Map for Members: Large lake maps and laminated lake booklets were delivered to Cathy who gave them out to all Shoreline Captains. Shoreline captains will deliver the large lake map to all residents of Lake Washington, and the booklets will be delivered only to paid members of LWIA. Cathy requested to have 50 more of each printed as she is running very low on both and has 20+ left to receive yet. Ron and Steve G will see that more are printed of each.

9) Walleye Population Estimate and Angler Study>: Angler study goes through August (possibly longer). Bryce is now onboard as the "Creel Clerk" for Lake Washington. Tanner reported we are up to around a dozen tag reports. From talking to Bryce, walleye fishing is pretty slow, but there are people going out after dark and catching fish. One thing that stuck out was in the first couple weeks of the season, the majority of people interviewed were bass fishermen. Scott said Tag reports as of Thursday were up to 17 or 18...we are seeing a delay of a half week or week before tags are reported, which is fine, we don't mind them being late versus not reported at all. Otherwise, so far so good.

>10) Sweatshirt Sales>: Renae McKimm sold 108 items; thus received a larger discount that she passed on to the lake association $1,282.47. There has been a lot of request for youth sizes, so Renae is doing another sale with orders due this Friday, June 7. Email Renae at or call her at 320-583-1345 to place an order. Expected delivery will be between June 14 - 17.

11) New Member Welcome: At the Shoreline Captains meeting it was brought up to welcome new members. After some discussion it was suggested that if your neighbor is new to the lake to welcome them. Shoreline Captains should also try to visit new members and welcome them. Ron B will write something for the upcoming newsletter as well.

12) Ellsworth Landing Condition: Longtime member commented on conditions at Ellsworth landing, as they no longer have any privacy being the trees have been cut down, so they are stopping membership. Cathy K followed with call to them indicating it will be brought up at board meeting. The board talked about last year when the DNR encouraged the board members to clean up the shoreline and landing area of oversized brush and trees that needed to be removed. It was the DNR that clarified and gave permission to accomplish this clean up. The trees that were cut down were not on any private property. Private person cuts the grass voluntarily.

13) Committee Reports:

Aquatic Invasive Species:
   A. Water Quality Testing - Dave Rathe reported 10ish feet visibility on May 18 weekend. The first tests came back from RMB. Testing results: Historical Means Phosphorus: 27.7 ug/l, and Secchi Depth: 4.1 ft. On May 20 test results were: Phosphorus: 25, chlorophyll-a: 1.8, Secchi: 10.5 ft. June 3rd Secchi: 9.0 ft.
   B. Vegetation Survey - Ron stated no activity at this time. But he as others has seen some Milfoil. Ron and Mark will be checking this out soon.
   C. I-LIDS/Watercraft Inspection - Dave R said there has been some intermittence with the audio on the I-lids. The video is working well and capturing all activity. Dave will call the company to fix the audio problem. The DNR inspectors were out this past weekend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
   D. Cormorants & Pelicans - Steve G commented they are still there and certainly eating fish. The walleye survey shows very few caught so far this year.
   E. Zebra Mussels - Mike W said all 11 of the "Hotels" were placed during Memorial weekend and placed in same areas as last year. Board members stated many Zebra Mussels have been seen.
   F. Watershed - Skip and Dave have been monitoring the run off, H2O water coming into Lake Washington, which has been a lot this year. They put a plan together and sighted three areas that they will monitor for total phosphorus, total suspended solids, and make changes as necessary during the year. The current H2O test (site 101) is for Total Phosphorus, Chlorophyll-a, and Secchi Depth. The three areas to be monitored are Nelson Farm (North side area), pond by Skip (South West area), and the stand pipe by 213st St (South side area). Joe Norman from Meeker County will be working with them on these projects. RMB will send out 3 kits to test with as well.

Membership / Shoreline Captains - Cathy stated there are now 208 paid members as of this meeting. Cathy will email shoreline captions a new list of paid members; paid members will receive the laminated booklet. Being Cathy is resigning as membership chairperson, she has asked Laurie Johnson to take this position. Laurie will take over in July.

Education & Public Relations:
   A. Summer Newsletter - Ron requested all newsletter articles to be emailed to him by June 24th so he can have them printed around July 10th. Shoreline captains should turn in all paid membership information to Ron by July 4th weekend.
   B. Website, Facebook, and Email Activity - Steve G reported: Website = 4 1/2 hits per day (down 2 1/2 from last meeting), Facebook = 311 likes (up 3 from last meeting), Shawn Young asked if we followed "Riparian law" for docks/ lifts. Sent him links to DNR and our directory, Mitchell Jans sent the information that Lake Washington is the "Lake of the week" for "Outdoor News", Changed the website for membership / donations to list contact details as the online form is no longer used and we got some inquires on how to do online payments, Changed the "Products" link to provide "Embroidery Plus" details.

Social Committee - Sandy W reported that May 2nd meeting was a good turnout. Food was good, meat raffle trays were nicely done, and speaker "Tanner" was interesting to listen to. Many asked questions as he spoke. Thanks was given to Sandy W for making the beans, brownies and cookies. Next membership meeting is Saturday, August 3 which is a potluck event. Skip will ask Easy Dock and Lift if interested in providing the meat and buns for sandwiches for this meeting.

Financial / Grants - reported no activity at this time. Reminded the board and anyone that volunteers their time (in-kind hours) doing things for Lake Washington to be sure and turn in their hours worked, any expense receipts such as for gas or food, and to keep track of miles, if any. All these things are helpful for the Grant applications.

MCAL- Representatives/meeting dates - Pat H. said the next meeting is July 18. There was no activity to report this time.

14) Open Discussion - Lake Stella Association changed their name to "Lake Stella Improvement Association" to comply with federal and state filings. Kevin Compton resigned from president and new president is John Decker.
Lake Stella person showed interest in joining LWIA membership. LWIA welcomes new members and anyone can join the membership of LWIA.

Next Board Meeting Scheduled for Jul 11th at TBA. Dassel Rod and Gun Club may need the building for their meeting on July 11. If so, then Steve G will announce where our meeting will be that day.


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