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Lake Washington Association Board Meeting August 13, 2019
Board Members Present:
Mike Wosmek
Lyle Walker
Pat Hanson
Cindy Hewitt
Ron Bubany
Skip Sustacek
Steve Grotbo
Steve Ullom
David Rathe
Laurie Johnson

Board Members please let someone know if you are not able to attend.

Treasurer Report: Invasive Species Fund $618927.00 General Fund $70,293.18

Paid Memberships: 238

1) Meeting Called to Order 7 PM by President Steve Grotbo

2) Secretary's July Board Meeting Report - corrected version approved for publication on the website

3) Treasurer's July 2019 Financial Reported by Treasurer Lyle Walker Income: The commission from Renae McKimm's sweatshirt sales ($1,494.23) is reported as income in the Invasive Species fund. We have received memorials in memory of Don Holmgren in the amount of $235.00. These dollars are also reported in the Invasive Species fund. $850.00 from 17 new memberships, $120 Newsletter ads, Invasive Fund $395 contributions, $125 Dassel Fire Dept. (79 have donated $2120 this year so far.) Expenses: The $5,000.00 donation to MAISRC is shown in the Invasive Species fund. The cost for the summer newsletter from Crow River Press was $737.12. They did not include the postage cost for mailing the spring newsletter ($211.76) when that was invoiced. That amount was added to the summer invoice and I paid the total ($948.88) shown in the report. $20 dues for MCAL. Total funds at July 31 equal $131,982.45.

4) U of M zebra mussel research - LWIA received a thank you letter from Cori Mattke, Associate Director of MAISRC/UM for our $5000.00 donation to further zebra mussel research at UM. She shared information about their Research and Management Showcase. They will have four presentations on zebra mussels with breakout sessions. Also, she would help our representative connect over lunch with the zebra mussel researchers. They nine new research projects this year with three focusing on zebra mussels.

5) 2019 Aquatic Invasive Species Research and Management Showcase on Sep 18th. The Board feels strongly someone needs to attend this gathering and make connections with the zebra mussel research team. Some people are considering.

6)Jordan (EZ Dock) asked to use our email list to advertise dock removal services for this year. The Board has policy of not sharing email addresses with outside agencies. The Board has intentionally limited the number of Board members that can access this listing. Will encourage him to advertise in our Newsletters.

7) Walleye Population Estimate and Angler Study - We have not received any new information since July regarding the status of this study. Steve U will contact Scott Mackenthun to get information for the fall newsletter.

8) Sweatshirt Sales - Renae has finished with the sweat shirt sales, it has been reported she was looking for youth sizes and considering maybe doing hats next year. We will wait to hear from her.

9) New board member- Brett Rasmussen from Southwest corner of the lake has volunteered to join the Board and fill out Cathy Klehr's position.

10) Aquatic Invasive Species water access sites - MN DNR meeting on Aug 15th a notice was shared with the Board about a meeting in Monticello to discuss "Where is the line between protecting unfettered access to lakes and protecting access to healthy lakes?" The sponsor is MN Lakes and Rivers Advocates.

11) Committee Reports:

Aquatic Invasive Species:
   A. Water Quality Testing - Dave R reported seechi disk were in the 5-5 1/2 foot range and the August water sample has been sent in for analysis.
   B. Vegetation Survey - Ron B reported they have completed surveys for this year. Many property owners have been sharing their concern about weeds (vegetation) washing up on shorelines. Some comments are "this year is the worst ever." Several Board members with history on the lake noted the amount of vegetation washing up on shorelines has indeed been much worse in past years, and the lake goes through unexplained cycles where the vegetation is worse for some years and then a downward trend for a while. Steve U volunteered to write an article about the vegetation cycles over the past 35 years.
   C. I-LIDS/Watercraft Inspection - Dave R. reported it is working fine at this time. He has seen watercraft. Inspectors at the landing on Friday thru Sundays and the decontamination station was there as recently as August 10th.
   D. Cormorants & Pelicans - No new information at this time.
   E. Zebra Mussels - Mike W. and Dave R will pull hotels on Labor Day and Dave will take pictures of the hotels for documentation purposes, as there are too many to count.
   F. Watershed - There was a discussion about water flow (how much is coming into the lake from various inlets). Dave R reported he would be able to estimate the volume of water coming in from specific sites. He noted the major inlet to the lake is from Stella, and will look at whether Stella is doing regular water quality testing. Mike W will look at and do follow up report on the landing upgrade at the end of 233rd St. A property owner on the south side reported to a Shoreline Captain, water running constantly from a 3 inch pipe behind a retaining wall on their property. This was confirmed and Dave R will do a water test on this site next year.

Membership / Shoreline Captains - Laurie J. reported we have 238 memberships so far this year. Lyle W talked about "Night Out" event on the NW corner of the lake that has been going on for a number of years.

Education & Public Relations:
   A. Fall Newsletter - Articles will be due the end of September Ron B will announce at next meeting.
   B. Website at 5 1/2 per day, Facebook 332 likes, and Email Activity - LWIA received an email regarding our work of cleaning up the ditch on the east side of Ellsworth Landing. The emailers thought LWIA overstepped our role. Steve G responded with an email pointing out it was the DNR that made the request to clean up the overgrown ditch and LWIA volunteers completed this task. The ditch was planted with native species.

Social Committee - Sandy W. reported there were about 67 people at the Pot Luck. The food was very good, she would have liked to see a bit more variety, but a good time was had by all. Had almost enough door prizes for everyone there. EZ Dock paid for the hamburger and buns used in the sloppy jo's. Lyle W. will get Membership Pork Chop dinner May 2, 2020 and Pot Luck Aug 1, 2020 on the Rod 'n Gun Club calendar.

Financial / Grants - Sharon D not at the meeting but she did report on the State AIS website they are saving no 2019 grants, but emails sent out more recently are advertising grant money. PLEASE: All Board members get volunteer hours and expenses into Sharon D by September 15th.

MCAL- Representatives/meeting dates - Pat H and Dave R attended the July meeting. A private business wanted to join MCAl, but determined it is a county sponsored organization for lake associations of Meeker County. There was talk about open meeting laws. No one from grant committee was in attendance to answer questions. By Laws have been updated and approved. There was talk about grant monies continuing from year to year. To procure grants they are asking for more documentation, including pictures and follow up. There was talk of what other states do to generate money for grant programs, MN relies on primarily fishing and hunting licenses for water projects. It was noted licenses numbers have been showing a downward trend for a number of years. There was some talk about the taxing authority of Lake Districts to be used for lake projects. The shortage of DNR staff has its affect on everyone. Next meeting is Oct. 17th.

15) Open Discussion - There was some concern of suspicious person driving around the lake stopping at every house. It was confirmed this was someone verifying addresses for the upcoming census.

   LWIA received an email from CD3 manufacturer (a waterless decontamination cleaning station) asking to present to our Board at some time. The Board decided to not explore at this time. Steve G. will let them know.

   The Board decided to have a meeting later in September and not have an October meeting therefore:

Next Board Meeting Scheduled for Sep 19th at Dassel Rod and Gun Club


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